me, turning 27

yoohoo, it’s been so long since i updated this site. do you miss me?
as much as i love writing, it little bit difficult since i got married.
i still can’t adapt my new enviroment (in-law house), so sometimes i feel tired and lazy to do something (what???…)
i’m sorry to myself that i can’t improve my everything.

but now, i’m turning 27 years old. so i should do something for my life.
yeah, i’m a married woman but still can’t find a differentiation in married life.
i still like going around by myself. and sometimes “blank” with my husband’s demand. hehehe..
and you know, have been dating for almost 4 years not help at all.
but, as he try to be a good husband to me, so do i, right?
so,everyday i learn how to be a good wife with my “dramaness & craziness” *wink
and also, i should be a good muslim too..

anyway, actually my birthday is celebrated every july 11th.
for this year the date is coincide with ramadhan where we, as muslim, should forbear ourself from subuh to maghrib include endure not to eat and drink. so i couldn’t buy foods for my friend as usual. hahahaha. i will do it after idul fitri.

this is a cute birthday gift from my lil sister, a handmade scrapbook..

My B'day Scrapbook - made by my sista

My B’day Scrapbook – made by my sista

thank you sist, i love you..

and this is from my husband. a package of skincare from emdee clinic. i don’t know whether it cheap or expensive because i never try doctor/clinic’s treatment. but my hubby knows that i’m desperate with my laaaarge pores so he bought it form me. thank you babe, always love you.. and i will make review of them.

emdee skincare

emdee skincare

notes: i’ll try to update my next posts in English as possible i can. it’s a part of my improvement (lalalala……). I’m sorry for my bad English.




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