(Some Thoughts) Running Man 162

running man 162 taken from 24-7kpop.com

I finished watch Running Man. It’s funny as usual. The RM’s cast are pairing with 2 members of new generation top boy/girl band.I dont want to recap it because you can read it in dramabeans. Hahaha..
I just want to share my opinion about this episode:

I am always pleased with how RM’s PD divide the group, no exception here.
So this is the team:
Green: Infinite (Sunggyu & L) with Haha
Orange: BEAST (Doojoon & Kikwang) with Jihyo
Gray: A Pink (Eunji & Naeun) with Gary
Black: Girl’s Day (Yura & MinAh) with Jaesuk
White: Sistar (Hyorin & Dasom) with Jongkook
Blue: MBLAQ (Joon & Seungho) with Kwangsoo
Red: 2PM (Wooyoung & Chansung) with Sukjin

It’s interesting to see how they paired. Like Jongkook said, it’s unfair for the team with 2 girls when it comes to play hard games. But hey, that’s why they got paired with the strong members (Jongkook, Jaesuk and Gary). So the the men could help the girls  🙂

The weakest member, Our Big Nose Hyung got in team with “beastly” idol. And i’m so happy because Wooyoung & Chansung very supportive to Sukjin unlike the other guest especially Hyorin when she joined as guest in episode 85.

Jihyo has to be with Doojoon and Kikwang. Doojoon known to be very athletic and Kikwang lil bit weak (watch episode 127) but Jihyo could covered him.

The betrayal duo , Haha & Kwangsoo got funny companion to added some dramas in games. Sunggyu – Haha made cat couple in BLOB games. Kwangsoo – MBLAQ even started their drama since opening 🙂

And the opening is really the best opening so far..

The games, although it repetition and no ripping nametag, its all enjoyable and laughable.

You should go watch yourself.




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