My 2014 Resolution


Hahaiii!!! This is my first post in 2014!

And today is the seventh day of 2014 but I hope it’s not too late to write down my 2014’s resolution. *sigh*  It also marked as my 9th  wedding monthversary. Yay!!! Congratulation for us hub *big hug and kisses*

Anyway, back to the topic, what resolution is? It is commitments to be achieved. Commitment means promise and responsibility. So, we should try to keep it. Fighting!!!

Here’s my list:

  1. Drink plenty of water.
  2. Eat more vegetables and fruits! (I’m more a chicken lover)
  3. Walk in 3 times a week! And more walk at office.
  4. Reduce my addiction of instant noodle *sigh*
  5. Read more books than I did in 2013. (I’m a bookworm once in the past. But until last year,  I became book-allergy. I don’t know why.. So I hope I can falling in love with book again)
  6. Find another skin care to try and find the perfect one *wink
  7. Saving money more ^_^
  8. Try a new food recipe (at least once in a week)
  9. Improving my “ibadah”.. (more sunnah sholat, more shodaqoh, more read Al-Quran)
  10. Improving my knowledge about my religion.
  11. I won’t compare my life to others’. And I won’t envy them too..
  12. I won’t have negative thoughts or things about other. Hey, everything always have the bright side right?
  13. I should try to make peace and forget about the past (mine & koko).
  14. Not to hurry in everything. Take a time to do anything and not push anyone to fulfill my need. Be patient..
  15. I should keep calm. I don’t have to win in every argument. It lil bit tiring.
  16. Keep in touch with my friend. Please, forgive them.. Maybe they didn’t know if they were hurt me.
  17. Giving more
  18. Keep my mouth to talk “safe” and “sweet”. Don’t let “trash” out from my mouth *wink
  19. Learn to understand my hubby more (marriage is never ending understanding right?)
  20. Make a journal everyday
  21. Start to make my own business
  22. Get my 48 kilos back (hahahaha…. Lil bit impossible, cause now I’m in 55kilos..)
  23. Improving knowledge not just celebrity’s gossip (ha!!)
  24. More writing, oh nope.. typing 
  25. The last, always thank God for everything that taken and given….

Oops, it pretty much list. Can i achieved it? I hope i can.. Please remind me if my  list going wrong.. Thank you…

Happy belated new year *wink*



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