From a dream to another

Some time ago I used to dream about something .. like drama. I forget what the story is, but the female lead is always me. Sometimes the character is not like me but the face is mine *wink

For the male lead it is different men.I ever had a dream week in a row with the main character is Kim Jong Kook (ha!!).. I don’t know why, even in Running Man he is not my favourite cast.

Lately the man in my dream was Hawick Lau. A newly married man. LOL ..Last night I dreamed of being a queen. and my husband is Hawick Lau. I was angry at him because he was planning to take a concubine. How funny is it? It’s a drama.. Chinese drama.. ^_^
I also don’t know why Hawick Lau coming in my dreams. I love Feng Shao Feng more..Haha..

So, sometimes I don’t understand, how I could dream like that. They are not someone i follow. Although I admid i’m a dreamer girl. Or could this be a sign I could be a drama writer? LOL … Whatever…

Anyway, happy friday and weekend friends.. Enjoy your off day..

big kiss,



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