LUCYS – Second Week

Aah, it’s monday again..

Time flies so fast right? hehehe.. nevermind, time may goes by. but make sure to have a beautiful day everyday, okay?

Anyway.. today i want to post about my second week progress after join Kiehl’s “Let Us Change Your Skin” challenge..

These pictures of my skin condition when i wake up this morning (21 April 2014).. Sorry for the picts’ quality, i took them with my cell phone.


As you can see, my pores are smoother than before. And maybe you can’t see from the picture, but my skin colour is lil bit brighter. I realize it isn’t dull anymore and the dark dark spot on left cheek lil bit diminished. Yay!!!!

Actually, I’m lil bit surprised when KCR gave me the products to brighten the skin instead pore minimizer. But then I realized, maybe all the products also giving effect to the pores and skin texture. Hahahaha.. Sorry for my silly mind..

That’s all. I hope you enjoy this post.

Daaan… Selamat Hari Kartini untuk semua perempuan di Indonesia!!!! I’m proud to be Indonesian Woman.




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