8th Anniversary of SCG Magazine!!!!

Hai wong Suroboyo, wes tau ngerti durung, majalah Surabaya City Guide utowo SCG??

(Hi, Surabaya citizen, have you already know about Surabaya City Guide or SCG Magazine??)


This magazine published by my office. It contain information about Surabaya City all around like tourism place, culinary and many more. It’s come out monthly and FREE!!! I guess everyone loves free thingy πŸ™‚

And this month SCG held their 8th anniversary. Wow! Such amazing thing that a free magazine can survive within the time.. Yeah, you could count the teamwork as the foundation. They had such a great team and teamwork. Really!! All of them have a passion to work a magazine.

Recently, they don’t want to reach you only by magazine but they will also serve you information online.

So, two days ago (May 5th) they celebrated the birthday with launched their website. Please visit them in majalahSCG, you will find many helpful information.

The anniversay opened with traditional “pemotongan TUMPENG” and pray to God as usual. Then followed with website launching… Theen EAT!!!!!! *wink*


Pemotongan Tumpeng


launching the website

For the food, this year celebration is lil bit different. Usually, we ordered catering to supply dish for the guest. Yesterday, we got sponsorship from many client hotel to feed us *big bow to them*

They sent their signature dish, for example: Tahu Telur from Swiss Bell-in Hotel, Serabi Surabaya of Bumi Surabaya Hotel and Mie Kluntung of Garden Palace Hotel.. Wuaaa!!! Couldn’t be excited more!! πŸ™‚

I will give you a culinary tour πŸ™‚


This is my appetizer, Serabi Surabaya from Bumi surabaya Hotel (in the past we know it as Hyatt Hotel). Serabi is like a pancake which made from rice flour and coconut milk. It taste sweet, sometimes sprinkle with something. In this case it came with three variant topping: cheese-nut, cheese-choco and choco-nut. As usual i choose cheese-nut. It super delish!!
I move on to Tahu Telor and Udang Gandum from Swiss Bell-in Hotel.. Tahu Telur is a dish containing cut-up fried tofu & egg, boiled vegetables (like cabbage, beansprouts) and poured with peanut-based sauce. The sauce has a mix of peanut, fermented shrimp pasted (or petis), chili, and garlic. I love Tahu Tek, so i should try this. Overall i like the one. Although the “tahu telur” taste plain, it so yummy when you eat it with the sauce. I like Udang Gandum also. The shrimp (Udang) is fresh and gandum (wheat) made it crispy..
Next is Bakso Loncat of Alana Hotel. Bakso is traditional javanese food (can i call it snack?? *wink*) that contain mix from meet and flour and seasoning. It served with beef broth, noodles, tofu, lil bit vege and sprinkle with fried shallot and chives. The signature named Bakso Loncat (lit: meatball jump!!), cause the broth is lil bit hot so you can jump from your sit. Hahahaha….
I actually like their dish. It spicy, fresh and has soft texture meatball which i love so much..

For the big meal (hehehe.. if you know what i mean. I never said I have eaten if i’m not eat rice yet..), I choose Nasi Talam Putri Madura from Bebek Harisa. It contain white rice and fried duck and sauce from chili, shallot, garlic and tomato. No pict here, cause i ate in hurry πŸ™‚ But I love it. The duck does taste great..

I’m not eat all the dish. Cause my belly feel fully after eat all above.. Hahaha.. But i bet, they are delicous too..
Asinan Jakarta is like Indonesian salad. Usually it has fresh, spicy and sour taste..
Nasi Bakar Grand Darmo.. Their sambal is amazing. I mixed it with nasi talam madura and they taste super duper delicious πŸ™‚
Mie Kluntung Garden Palace Hotel. I love their vintage decoration.
I saved fruit pie for afternoon snack. Hehehehe…
If you want to taste the food too, just go to their hotel.. But don’t forget to invite me yaaaa…

Anyway… I would like to say “Happy birthday SCG.. Wishing you a great year ahead” *blow kiss*

And for all of you who want to get the magazine, just send a SMS to 031-70972020 by type Langganan(spasi)Nama(spasi)Alamat. You will get it freely, just pay a shipping fee. If you get confuse, just call our office: 031-5683040.

Enjoy the mag..





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