My (silly) kind of hair treatment

Beautiful hair

the hair looks so beautiful right? rrr.. it’s not mine *wink* (pic courtesy: pinterest)

Me and my division partners are having chit chat about hair treatment. And suddenly i remember about my silly-ness that i did to my own hair..

Actually, it happened when i was in high school. At the time i hit my first puberty, so you know… i got the troubles like teens in general. Pimples, growing up so fast and a desire to look beautiful in front of boys. Bwuahahaha…. Sorry for my silly mind.

Then i started to looked up many beauty tips from magazines and decided which one that make me interesting. And i don’t know that my tips’ taste will sent me to disasters.

One of them said you can use kapur barus aka champor to cured dandruffs by mashed it until become powder then put it on hair skin. I was like,, oh really??? But back to that time, i’m still naive and innocent *rolling eyes* so i choose to believed it.. And the result is *dumb roll* the champor’s smell left in my hair for days. Uuggh!! I thought it won’t disturb me. You know, the smell is not bad when you put it on wardrobe. But it different case if you apply it on your hair. Although i rinse it frequently, it still haunted me!! And it yiekss.. DO NOT EVER TRY THIS AT HOME. REALLY!!!

My another craziness is put a yolk to my hair.. Many women swear that yolk is a good moisturizer to your hair. They instructed you to put the yolk then rinse with warm water and shampoo.. The bad thing is my water wasn’t warm but HOT. So the yolk cooked in my hair.. Huhuhuhuhuhu… My hair became something like noddle and scramble eggs.. Can you imagine? Better not.. Hehehe

Now, if i re-think the accidents i will like LOL LOL LOL.. Am i that stupid? But you will never have funny stories if you never did a silly thing. Right?




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