Me vs Honey (real honey not my hubby ^_^)

honey (pic taken

honey (pic taken

Who didn’t love honey?? I’m sure a lot of people love use honey in their daily lives. And they know it effective. Personally, i love drink honey. Sometimes i brew honey with water or as my juice sweetener. And i drink it EVERYDAY just to make sure i have supplement to stay healthy.

Another uses of honey is for skin care. It is a natural moisturizer for dry skin. That’s why many women love to insert honey in their beauty regime. Sadly, when i said many women, I’m not the one that include. Everytime i try to apply honey, my skin becomes itchy and red.

When i was in high school, i went to natural beauty spa to having facial treatment. The beautician used honey as face cleanser. And the time i thought it would be okay, cause i didn’t feel wanna scratch my face. But after that, instead having a clean face skin (after facial) my face became swollen and red!!! You know, like somebody trying to burn my face. Oh my God.. I immediately stop using honey.

Last night (now i’m lil bit more confident with my skin condition) i made natural diy pack from coffe and honey. Once again, after 3 minutes apply, my face went itchy and after 8 minutes i decided to rinse my face. Oh my God!!! The problem still left.

Then i started to confused. I tried to find any information about honey-allergic for skin, but failed. It looks nobody never ever feel my condition. I mean, i can wear any brand of cosmetic. Anything, whether it cheap or expensive product i will never meet any trouble. But why the enemy of my skin is HONEY.
why me? Why? When everybody can happily put honey mask on their face, i will find it just a tragedy.

Does anyone here ever had a honey-allergic like me? Please share.




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