One Day Housewife

Yesterday i have another tiring sunday. LOL. My parents and Koci-koci went to Malang to visited my relatives. I didn’t join them cause there is no space left in car. Heeee… So, i stayed at home, take care for my hubby, my house and of course my self.

I started morning with drama.. My hubby extended his sleeping time. Oh my God! he forgot to accompanied me to buy vegetables. Then he threw tantrum LOL when i forced him to woke up and walked with me to GKB. I bought vegetables, chickens, fruits aaand as usual pentol korea.. And you know what, he calm down after ate pentol *sigh*

Then we went to Sarikat Jaya for monthly shopping. Err, before that we decided to eat first at Nasi Krawu Bu Zainab. You know lah, jaga-jaga so he won’t cranky anymore.. Hehehe..

When we back, i couldn’t rest.. Hehehe.. i did laundry, home cleaning and cooked. Here’s the result..

07033314 Food Made

I decided to make vegetables stew (with cauliflower, carrot, sawi & mushroom) and fried chicken (for coating pasta i made from wheat flour, cornstarch, salt and paper).. Quit delicious though 🙂

And because i still hungry (i did many homework *what an excuse), i made pisang bakar for snack. It served with chocolate milk and a lil mountain of cheese.

Well I love to cook but i hate the process of wash perlengkapan masak.. You know: cutting board, bowl, plates and knives. Complicated. But still, i must did it right?

Do you think i will stop and take a rest? No, still have my energy to made handcraft.. Hahaha…

craftproject 7 Sept 14

Cute ya…

But in the end of the day,,, my hubby decided to massage me.Thank you dear…

So, today’s theme is One Day Housewife. And really, is tiring. Compare to my daily job in office, homework is very hectic. In office when you feel tired you can stop work for a while and going around to refresh your mind. But at home, the work list is so looong sometimes made you confused. Do this job is done or not? Hehehe… I really appreciate my mom more..

But you know what, somehow i feel very proud and happy when i saw my home clean and neat, and also when my hubby enjoy my food *a strange feeling*

Do you have this feeling too?




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