(DIY) 2015 Personal Calendar

Hola!! (lagi seneng pake bahasa spanyol gara-gara Marc Marquez.. LOL)

Finally my DIY 2015 Calendar is done!! Yeah, i decided i want to make my very own personal calendar. I will show it on my office table since my work related to date. The design made with my limited Corel Draw skill (Ha!) and each month has each theme to make it so special (apa siih). Let’s take a look..

Januari 15January
>> Infinite theme.. Actually my favourite K-boyband are Beast, Big Bang, JYJ and Infinite.. But Infinite has 7 members so i thought “it’s a must” to put them on calendar since we have 7 days a week 🙂

February 15February
>> Love theme??? LOL

Maret 15March
>> All of my peers who born in March are Pisces which symbol is fish, so i made it in sea and pirates theme..

April 15April
>> I just can’t think this month theme.. Actually April is the last design i made. And somehow i made it in wood theme but in the end i decided to dislike it.

Mei 15May
>> My sis in law born in May. She loves teddy bear. Enough said *wink*

Juni 15June
>> I can’t decided what June theme.. But my daddy & hubby were born in June, literally they are Gemini and both dislike colorful things. Hahaha… That’s way i put so many colors there..

July 15July
>> As a muslim, i celebrate Hari Raya Idul Fitri.  In 2015 it will celebrated in July. Aaand a week before is my birthday *wink*. I would like to create something to show how grateful i am to God. Glory to Allah

Agustus 15Agustus
>> It’s a month which my country celebrate the independence day. So it approriate to put national flag on it.

September 15September
>> I put many efforts to searched number pictorials. Hehehe… But love it

Oktober 15October
>> My favourite design. Looks so fresh.

Nopember 15November
>> My MOST favourite. I love star. I love colorful things.

Desember 15December
>> Snowy theme and i add tosca for the background. Is it beautiful?

Then i sent my design to “Superstar” a printing vendor which located in Gresik. They offered calendar making packet as IDR 65.000 include printing, paper, standing paper (since it a table calendar) and wiro binding. Actually i want to make standing paper by my own, but the laziness attacked my mood so i just received their offer without argument. Hehehe…

Here’s the finished looks..

Calendar AllDefinitely has flaws, like i forgot to mark my wedding anniversary and my FIL’s birthday (LOL LOL). I also (carelessly) forgot to explain the holiday dates in October.. Hehehe. After all i’m proud with the result. It means i have the creativity soul inside *minta dikeplak*




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