Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser (Review)

As skincare junkie, one of my “MUST HAVE” products is a cleanser. For me cleansing is pivotal step to reach healthy skin. Never doubt that my daily activities force my skin to absorb dirts, dust and toxic. Even we just stay at home yaaa.. So we can’t avoid it. But not to worry, just find a good facial cleanser and your life should be saved. Hehehe.

Anyway there are many type of cleansers: milk, lotion, gel, wash and so on.. So far i just use milk and basic facial wash. Usually when i cleanse my skin at night i use pre-cleanse method. Prior to cleanser wash i use Viva cleansing milk( to ensure my face completely clean). But when me in the lazy mood i skip my milk and directly use facial as my cleanser. So in my case i should find the good one. For cleansing milk i use Viva. Although it cheap (just IDR 3.700) but it effective to erase my make up, besides it doesn’t make my skin iritate.

So, my biggest problem lay on facial wash. I’ve tried many drugstore brands, but didn’t give me a good result. FYI, my skin’s main problems are big pores and dull. Some time ago (when i became one LUCYS participant) i used Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective™ White Purifying Foaming Cleanser. It contain White Birch & Peony Extract that can helps my skin brighter. Although it couldn’t erase my dark spot drastically, but i love the effectiveness for cleanse my skin. It even erase my BB Cream!! Let say i could love it.. But still, i couldn’t insert it to my “MUST HAVE ITEM” list cause it did nothing for my pores 😦 So i put my eyes on other products. Hehehehe…

But i would not go too far. I still has eyes on Kiehl’s since they always known to have great products.  They have Rare Earth range as pore care. Their Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Lotion is amazing (you can read my review in here), so i thought their cleanser will work to me too 🙂

RE Cleanse 1

RE Cleanse 2RE Cleanse 3Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser formulated for normal and oily skin. It contain Amazonian White Clay and Diatomaceous Earth. For years, White Clay is a known ingredient to eliminate toxin, bacteria and oils. It rich in iron, pottasium, calcium & sulfur. Of course if your skin surface is clean, it will be able to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores so your skin will looks fresh and healthy *drool* It looks promising yes for facial cleanser.

Kiehl’s sells it approximately IDR 280.000. Yes, it could be soo expensive. I mean, how come i should pay more than 200K just for buy a facial cleanser?? But it contain 150ml thick liquid. And basically you just need a little to cleanse all over your face, so you can finish it after 4 months. For me, it called investment. Hehehehe…

The “dough” is so thick, greyish and has clay smell. It contain several beads for exfoliating effect. But don’t worry, the beads is so gentle, it will dissolve when you apply on your wet face. Definitely doesn’t hurt my skin. So, i use it twice everyday (morning and night). It gives your skin the “clean, soft and lil bit brighter” effects post-shower. Yeay…..

RE Cleanse 5RE Cleanse 6After using it for a month, i feel good. Hehehehe.. I thought that i see the difference before and after. My skin appears smoother and the pores seems liiiiil bit smaller. The oilness is also seem reduce. Yay!!!

Ngggg… Okay..

Well actually maybe it’s because i use the rare earth series (cleanser, toner and lotion) so i don’t know which product gives more effect. Hehehe… But if you have oily-combination skin and enlarge pores, you should definitely give it try.

My cons just..

Why Kiehl’s always launch product with big packaging? Look at the product. How bulk is it? I absolutely don’t want to bring this everywhere i go yes.. So i spare it on travel size packaging so i can use it in my nomaden life *wink*

That’s all, thank you for reading. Happy weekend…




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