“Sing Your Mind” Fabric Covered Notebook

FCN - SYMHi! Hi!

I will introduce you to my latest creation #eaaa..

Cute isn’t? *wink* I always know that i’m not the talented person in handy-creation even i have many ideas in my mind! So, lil bit surprise if i could finished this one. Hahahaha…

But sometimes i want to make my idea born to real. So, once i saw the flowery denim like fabric in textile-shop, i imagined to have a notebook that covered with that fabric. It would be pretty nice if i have something pretty to write on (Yes, i still prefer write to type even i carry my smartphone everywhere).

As i said, cause my inexperience, actually i feel unconfident. So, before i decided to buy the fabric i did “google-ing” to show me “how to make fabric covered notebook tutorial”. Heee..
Yes, several weeks later i bought it!! Yay.. yay..

Here’s my version of Fabric Covered Notebook Tutorial:

FCN - ToolsWhat you need:
Duplex cover paper
Denim-like fabric
A4 Concorde Paper (60sheets)
UHU glue for fabric
Alphabet Sticker

How to:
1. Prepare yourself *wink
2. Cut Concorde paper in half or become A5 size. Do it for all the sheets. In the end you will get 120 sheets.
FCN - Concorde3. Cut duplex paper to lil bit bigger than A5 size (maybe 1 – 2cm).
4. Cut the fabric too.. with the measurement (of course) bigger than duplex paper. Add like 3-5cm per side.
FCN - Cutting5. Spread the glue on the edge of fabric then carefully press the white fabric on duplex paper to cover it all. Repeat with the other duplex. Let it dry.
FCN - Covered glue6. See there is the rest of the duplex that is not covered with fabric. Nah, cover it with A5 size Concorde Paper.
FCN - Inside Backside7. Arrange the notebook: duplex – concorde (120sheets) – duplex.
8. Bring them to printing shop (superstar) to get Wire-O binding.
FCN - Wiro binding9. Cut another concorde to frame shape. Put the sticker on it. I put “SING YOUR MIND” like my blog’s name.

FCN - TitleVoila.. A vintage look notebook is done! Another inside of notebook…

FCN - Inside Look




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