It’s been so long

Byuh…. *sigh*

It’s been so long ya guys.. Don’t you miss me? *ngarep*

In case you are curious with my whereabouts, here’s a quick updates:

1. My dearest hubby got sick.
On the 3rd week of January, he got typhoid fever *sigh*.. I never thought that his sickness quit severe (at least for me).. A week before, he suddenly getting a severe fever at 1 – 3 am EVERY DAY. First i thought it due to exhaustion. Silly wife T_T

— FYI, i never experiencing excessive pain. My sickness usually spot in cough and flu or just diarrhea (alhamdulillah..), so yes i was unaware —

But in Friday his condition worse, he even to be off from office. In the evening, i brought him to his doctor. And she recommended to did a blood check up for tomorrow.

After got blood check test, he positively got typhoid.

Typhoid FeverUsually a typhoid fever patient should rest at hospital to get a better and intensive treatment. But he insisted to stay at home instead (stubborn..)

So then suddenly i became a dutiful wife. Hahahaha..

I feed him, washed him and guided him to do a tayamum for sholat. How good am i? Hehehehe… 

Many people worry with his condition if he didn’t stay at hospital. So i tried to gave him worm capsules which known to be effective to cure typhoid. It sounds disgusting, but if it cured faster why not kan yaa??

And Alhamdulillah, he has a fast recovery. He can work as usual after a week but until now i still watch what he should eat. I don’t want he get sick anymore .. Because it too painful to see #drama #eaaaa

2. Widening my dress and prolong my khimar slash veil
Many muslim women goes to syar’i route this day, like wearing abaya and length veil. Alhamdulillah yaaa… And i do too, not because the trend but because it is a must. Hehehe… I will tell my side story about this in another post.

3. Change my skincare products from Kiehl’s to Airin Beauty Care
I took Instagram Endorsement’s train seriously. So i want to try this one. Hahahahaha… Review will out soon.

4. Prefer using natural handmade soap for body.
I need to take care of my body from harsh material. And now there are bunch of local soap makers with many “yummy” product. So, why don’t i support them? *review soon*

5. Getting serious in find a house and conceive a child 🙂
As you may know when i got married, practically we were still “teen in mind”. Not mature enough even we were 27 yo already. Hehehe… We playfully absorb our nomaden life (some times in my parent’s house another time in his).. Bickering and bantering. We did it with heart *wink*..
But one day, we realize we can’t live like this forever. We want to start build our real family too like other people.
So now we put an effort looking for a house to live in. And it is not easy. We looking for a good house in west Surabaya which don’t cost money too much. Hahahaha… Could you give any recommendation?

And about a child *sigh*… We love children and want to be parents also. But could children raising children? LOL… And my hubby has bad memories about fatherhood which affect his POV about it. So that’s why we don’t mind and don’t force child to coming fast even in these 2 years. We even didn’t try to go to hospital to check our fertility. Just be patient. Allah now what the perfect time for us to having a baby.

Be patient too with people’s comments that accuse us don’t want children in our life. wtf…. How dare them? Yes, they are. Actually some times it hurts me a lots and i want to spit it back. LOL.. But that’s not elegant and lady-like. Hehehe… So just smile and don’t take it to heart. That people just jealous. Hahahaha….

So, that’s all. What about you guys? What happen in your life?




2 thoughts on “It’s been so long

    • Halo Navia,, hehehe.. mauku sih dikasih review secepatnya, tapi sayanya lagi ganti campuran produk dari Airin jadi mau sekalian ngeliat hasilnya.. Mungkin sekitar 2minggu kedepan baru bisa ngasih review.. Maaf yaa…

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