Listening to Nodame Cantabile :)

Tadaaaaa….. Hello! Hello! Oh, i miss write on wordpress so much… My laziness is really something that i should throw up and lock up in back door. Can I? I hope so *sigh*

So, after long time my first post is about… DRAMA. Yeah, as miss drama i should do this ๐Ÿ™‚

As you may know, i’m very absorb with Asian drama/song/entertainment.. But recently i tend to watch k-drama more because it very easy to find. I mean, the dvd and download link is everywhere.. So, sometimes i forget that Asia is HUGE!!! Hahaha…

One day, my collage offered me Nodame Cantabile files. It Japanese drama and a musical drama. While i don’t mind about Japanese but it contain classical music which i don’t preferred cause i thought it boring *gomen e*.. That’s why i refuse to watch it when the drama going to be hit almost a decade ago. But this girl insist me to watch it, she said that it’s very beautiful bla bla bla..

Okay.. Okay.. Because i’m lil bit bored with k-drama, i will give it try.


After 1 episode, i got hooked. I simultaneously watched franchise (11-episode drama, 2 special series and 2 movies) in 2 days at night.. Hahahaha…

Then i got Nodame-fever, Tamaki Hiroshi-fever, Nodame-Chiaki Fever and so on T_T (not that i’m complain tough. Tae heee)

But it means i cut my sleep time (to re-watch, browsing etc) and sometimes neglected my hubby. Hahahaha…

And i definitely regret why i watched it too late. Because if i found Tamaki-san earlier maybe i will pursuing my dream to come to Japan more than everything *wink* But now knowing i’m a married woman T_T (hahahaha… okay, it’s my delusional mind).

Let Tamaki-san behind. Let’s talk about this drama….

taken form

taken form

1. The story….
I never read the manga nor watch anime.. So, i’m totally blank. When i found the entirely plot somewhat it simple but complicated. Ha!
It’s about Shinichi Chiaki, an arrogant, genius and perfectionist top student at Momogaoka. Although he enrolled in Piano Division actually he has secret ambitions to become a conductor. But because he has phobia of airplanes and ocean so that’s why he can’t go abroad to pursue his dream to become conductor..
In other side, there is Megumi Noda or Nodame, Chiaki’s junior in Piano Division. She is genius (but hate practice), sloppy, messy, love to eat, sometimes childish but lovable one.
So they meet and Nodame quickly falls in love and started to leeching Chiaki. Then we meet with other characters who also lovable… Named Ryuutaro Mine, Masumi Okuyama, Franz von Stresemann, Kiyora Miki and all.. I should stop here.. You better watch it by yourself. Hehehehe

2. The music
As i said I’m not classic musical fan before. But after watch Nodame, I can say that this music type is just beautiful. I started contact my Music Director to borrow some classical music CD. Hehehe.. (*note than everybody also started to guess that i’m preggy so that’s why i want to listening that music..)

3. The casting
Everybody is just perfect in the role. Once again, i didn’t read manga so i don’t know if the casting do the justice. But when i visited some “Nodame Cantabile” discussion forum, everybody just say that the casting are perfect too… If should give a comment.. Well, started from supporting role:

>> Ryuutaro Mine. He is one of my favourite role. Like Nodame, he is quirky, funny but dependable. I like when he is the one who make more effort to unite the Orchestra/Oke. Even the conductor (read: Chiaki) couldn’t do that. I want to have a brother like him.

>> Masumi-chan. Another quirky student in Momogaoka. He is a gay and fall in love with Chiaki which means he is one of Nodame’s love rival *roll eyes*. But then it found out that he will owe to Nodame for getting closer to Chiaki and a good friend for both of them.

>> Franz Von Stresemann. or Milch Heistein for Nodame. I have love & hate relationship with him. Ha! At first i lil bit disgusted with him. I mean, he is pervert guy! But then I touched with his feeling for the headmistress even he “forced” Chiaki to play Rachmaninoff which her favourite musical piece.. Oooh, so sweet.. And he played such a cupid for our main couple (even with his own way, which sometimes i pissed off)

>> Kiyora Miki and the rest of Oke Gang and cast… Can not hate a single one of them. Even Saiko (Chiaki’s ex-girlfriend) is not annoying as usual drama land ex-girlfriend.

4. The Humor
The series and special has many humor moments when the movies is lil bit dark.. I’m lil bit disapointed cause somehow Nodame isn’t as cute as before. Then i thought it relevant cause it show how Chiaki and Nodame grow up in music and also in their love. So i’m okay with that.
And maybe some people find their acts and humor too much as it has many “bullying” and exaggerate facial expression. But hey, it comes from manga so you should aware that something like that will happen in the live action.

Hate??? I don’t think i can hate any single thing from this drama. Everything is okay *bias speak*

It’s recommended for all for drama lovers. You guys should watch it. No, never say too late. Never. Or you will regret it. Hehehehe…

And surely, Nodame Cantabile re-launched my love for J-Drama. Can’t wait to watch another dorama.

Here, i want to share some pics from Nodame Cantabile…

...The Golden Pair first meetings..

…The Golden Pair first meetings..












...My favorite besties ever.. Even Chiaki looks good together with them. But the trio is hilarious together..

…My favorite besties ever.. Although Chiaki looks good together with them. But the trio is hilarious together..











...Cutest Spies In The World...

…Cutest Spies In The World…

...our Golden Pair..

…our Golden Pair..











Famous Backhug

…famous back hug..


Thanks for reading…



PS: Now Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 35, 1st Mov & Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue is always on my playlist. Mukyaa..


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