Review of Botanina Products

Botanina Product

Hi Guys, do you have a great start in this Ramadhan?

I hope so. Hehehe..

Now, i’ll post review about some natural products from Botanina that i use. As you may know, for several months i’ll try to change my body care to the natural one so that i can reduce toxic harm for my body and earth (eaaaaa….)

Why Botanina? Random. Hahaha.. Yes, I found Botanina randomly in Instagram when i tried to search natural body care products that produce in Indonesia. Previously i often use Green Mommy Shop goods which based in Malang, East Java. I even registered as a member (Hehehe.. I will review them as soon as possible too..).  But as skin & body care traveler, i still want to try another brand. And definitely Botanina catch my intention.

Here is products that i bought:

1. Aromatherapy Spray (Cold & Flu Series)

1) Spritz on pillow/bed sheet or in the room to give you relieving experience during cold/flu season.
2) Spritz shared items (pillow, blankets, sofas) to give anti-fungal and anti-bacterial benefit.
3) Spritz pets’ bed, cushions and lounging areas once a week to repell fleas.

Distilled water, plant-based alcohol, blend of pure essential oils, polysorbate-20, vit e.

Avoid direct contact with eyes, food and food utensils. Keep out of reach of children & pets. Not recommended for pregnant women. Keep in a cool place.

Netto: 30 ml/70K

My comment:
The best botanina product so far. I mean in terms of its benefit in my life. It really, really can reducing the chance of flu virus attack my body. Ha! Even when i drink ice water all day. (FYI, actually i have something like ice-allergy. I mean i will get cough as soon as i drink cold beverage. Even it’s just in one sip T_T

Oh.. and ice cream too.. I can’t eat that easily or i will sneeze after eat T_T

But after i spray it onto my pillow sheet every night. Yes, EVERY NIGHT. I’d start not to worry about my allergy. I even doing some test. Hehehe.. I drank cold water for lunch in several days and i didn’t get symptoms. Yeah!!!

But i don’t want to act greedy by carelessy eat & drink everything i want. Still i avoid to drink cold beverage as much as can be. But if i want to drink one, i can ignore my worries. Hehehehe…

2. Natural Deodorant Spray Vetiver – Orange
“the combination of ingredients in this product has antibacterial benefits. It helps to moisture the skin and is a superb astringent”

Spray onto under arms. Letting it dry before dressing.

Witch hazel extract, rose water, plant-based alcohol, vetiver oil, sweet orange oil.

Avoid direct contact with eyes, food and food utensils. Keep out of reach of children & pets. Not recommended for pregnant women. Keep in a cool place.

Netto: 30 ml/35K

My comment:
Actually it’s a good natural deodorant if you are an office employer. I mean if you work at field or factory or something like that, it couldn’t cover your bad odour enough. Really sorry..

But you still can try it by yourself. Cause maybe the effect is depend on your own odour. Or maybe my body odour is too bad so i need something strong to cover it… Hahahaha..

3. All-Purpose Cleaner
“Using blend of 3 essential oils. THis spray has benefit properties of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral. It said No bleach, no alcohol, no triclosan, no synthetic fragrances”

Shake before use spray it on your glass surfaces, kitchen counters, windows, refrigerator & bathroom surfaces.

Distilled water, distilled white vinegar, castille soap, lemon oil, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil.

Always spot test first to make sure it doesn’t stain or harm your surfaces. Avoid direct contact with eyes, food and food utensils. Keep out of reach of children & pets. Keep in a cool place.

Netto: 100 ml/40K

My comment:
It suppose to kill germs and their friends (*roll eyes..). But i don’t know if it effective enough because i can’t see the germs dying. Hahaha..
Still, i tought it’s a good product. Sometimes i use it as furniture cleaner or simply spray it on public toilet seat to avoid sharing germs between toilet user #notthatimgermsphobia *sigh*

Overall, I’m okay with all botanina products. I even re-purchase Cold & Flu Spray cause it’s not just me who love it, my hubby too..

And mba Tina, the owner is very kind. Actually there is a problem in my first purchase. My Cold & Flu Spray bottle is broken when it traveled way to my place. And when it arrived on my desk (while the other 2 are safe. The C&F bottle ruined. Even the liquid is all gone *sigh*)

I don’t know who is the wrong one. Maybe the shipment agent didn’t care about the packaging or carelessy handle it. But Mba Tina feel responsible, she sent another new bottle of Cold & Flu Spray!!! Yeay *give a big hug to you mba tina*

So guys, have you ever try botanina?




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