My June Favorite Products

What a post…


Hahaha… I suppose to post this on June 30th. But but… My PC suddenly error. Not suddenly. It because i wanted to installed “nimbus screen shots” but ended up knowing that my mozilla firefox version was too old so i decided to updated it. But then it caused more trouble since then i couldn’t open WORDPRESS!!!

Not only my own account but also others. It means i can’t browse to my favorite sites. *cakar cakar komputer*

So I did anything i know, like cleared the browse history, re-installed, re-started. But nothing happen *crying a river*

Then i decided to just waited. Since i have lots works in the end of the month. I decided to focus in my job. Hahaha.. What a…

Thankfully with no distraction (you know, browsing sometimes disturb my work. Hahaha #notthatimcomplain) my billing finished faster. Heeeee..

And my waiting get pays off. Finally i can open wordpress again!! Yay!!! I should be happy and want to post directly but…

Yes, there is another but..

My right eye got infection!!! What the..

Suddenly it become red (very very red like a demon in dramaland *sigh*) and it hard to open. I tried to treat it with herbal eyedrops but nothing happened.

Next morning, my dad rushed me to go to doctor. And she confirmed that i have eye infection and i should not make an eye contact with people for several days. To cure it she gave eyedrops and oral medication. She also suggested to avoid computer. Oh yeah, it means i should off working. Yay or nay!! Hahaha…

Then i took a rest at home for several days. And now i’m back to work and to blogging world!!

Welcome back me… Hehehehe…

So, now i want to share my favorite skincare or bodycare that i used in June. As you may know, recently i tried many natural and organic products cause now i started to take care my body and skin product. That’s include what ingredients contained. Sound wise yes?? But not really, i’m not strict one. I still use many products that contain non natural and organic material since they more affordable. Hahaha..

Here’s a quick review of my favorite products from “June Skin Travelling”:

sym june fave 2

1. Botanina Aromatherapy Spray Cold & Flu
I made a review here. A good product to pervent Cold & Flu Virus. i even re-purchase.. Try it.

2. Kiehl’s Clearly Correction Dark Spot Solution
I should give this product a properly review. But i just lazy to take a before – after picture. Hehehe… It gives my face lil bit glow.. Lil bit pricey but worth it.

3. Rainforest Organic Coconut Deodorant
Finally, i found my natural & organic deodorant. YAY!! bye bye drugstore deodorant. I will review it soon..

4. Beauty in The Pot Body Oil
A natural body oil from Beauty in the pot. I choose Floweryvander and it smells goods. Good for my body too since it a very good moisturizer. Re purchase? Not really, i want to try another brand. Haha!!

That’s all! Hope you enjoy this post and try the product itself.

Wish you have a good July!!




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