(Review) Green Mommy Shop Organic Coconut Deodorant

Hello fellas.. Finally found some time to sit down and write my post properly. Heee…

Now, I’m back with my review of my current deodorant.

After learn that aluminum which is contained in our drugstore deodorant and antiperspirant is somewhat toxic and can develop cancer, i lil bit scare. Yes, the theme is still controversial. But actually beside aluminum, there are some ingredients that still harmful to our body such as:

a. Parabens – These synthetic preservatives are extremely adept at being absorbed through the skin and then sticking around long term in the body. Organ toxicity, early puberty, hormonal cancers, and birth defects have all been linked to paraben exposure.

b. Phthalates – These chemical plasticizers are used in cosmetics and personal care products to hold onto colors and make scents last longer. They’re linked to endocrine disruption, birth defects, decreased sex hormones, depleted sperm count and infertility, and organ system toxicity.

c. Triclosan – This ingredient is not only classified as a pesticide by the FDA, it’s also labeled a “probable carcinogen” by the EPA. Yet it’s still a common ingredient in personal care products, soap, and even shower curtains. It’s an antibacterial agent responsible for killing odors in deodorants and antiperspirants. It’s linked to bioaccumulation, hormone disruption, and the emergence of increased-resistance bacteria.

So why don’t we try natural product which is saver? Last time i tried Botanina Deodorant Spray which not meet my expectation. Then i looked for another product.

Voila, i found this in Green Mommy Shop. A Malang residence online shop that provide many natural and organic product for our body. I already tried some of them include brightening cream, natural soap, essential oil etc. And i’m quite impress ^_^ And now i try their one of their natural deodorant.

GMS Coconut Deo

Sodium Bicarbonate
>>> aka baking soda for absorbing perspiration and eliminate odors
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
>>> moisturizing skin and also kills bacteria
Arrowroot Powder
Corn Powder
>>> many natural deodorant recipe use it as base as it can absorb moisture
Zinc Oxide
>>> antibacterial agents also
Aloe Vera EO
Green Tea EO
Rose EO
Lavender Eo
>>> to add fragrant


Price: Rp. 38.000

It comes in white plastic jar. So i like, “oh it won’t be as simple as my previous deo”. Except facial cream usually i avoid jar packaged skin or body care.. Cause i’m too lazy to wash my hand before put in my finger into it — yeah, you know to avoid bacterias *rolled eys*–

When i touched it, the texture is like mud paste but powdery (from Arrowroot powder and Corn powder).

GMS Coconut Deo 5

take a lil bit paste (for me it 1 knuckles) and apply it to your armpit (yes, yours not your neighbours… Hehehe)

Wow, with my not-too-bad experience with natural deo before this product really impress me. It can covered my bad odour even i’m in out door for all day long. Yay!!! *clap clap clap*
And i read somewhere that sodium bicarbonate can brightening your armpits! Now i see why my skin armpits don’t look dark as before. Ahai…

The minus is lied on nggg… It’s not good for you who likes to wear sleeveless dress or top cause it will left white stain in your armpit skin. Hehehe..
And somehow after a while the paste will dry out. But don’t worry just dilute it with coconut oil, it works…

GMS Coconut Deo 7

While i do confess my love for this product i will still try looking for stick one since it easier.. Don’t blame me *wink eyes*

See you in next review.






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