I need help…

Hello friends,

Wuaaa.. It such a long time yes from my last post (as usual. Heee…).

Now i want to share something to you and need your help..

The story is…

A month ago, when i became my office event committee, I’m in charge to help the press conference. The event was jazz concert. So basically the media which got our invitation was mainly has musical theme.

And when arranged the list for media invitation i got lil bit shock. There were website called singyourmind.com The same name like mine in wordpress.. The differences lay on it already has dot com and contain information about music & lifestyle which absolutely not me. Hahahaha…

But then it left me confuse. When there are two website with same name, what will happen?

I mean I refer to copyrights, business and trademark. While my site is “just” personal blog but somehow it slowly became my other identity. I put in facebook, twitter and use as photos’ bookmark. I’m pretty sure when created the thebigneez.wordpress.com in 2011 there were no other site which has the same name. You already now the history of this site’s name. In another story, The singyourmind.com one before named as kamusmusik.com, and it looks like they re branded as singyourmind not in a long time ago. But they better in promotion. Hee.. They have social media accounts (like facebook, twitter, instagram etc) with the same name whilst i just use “singyourmind” thingy on wordpress. My social media accounts still has my own name whether it Reza Annisa or reANNfi. So for social spreading it definitely I’m “lost”. Hahahaha….

And it become difficult for me to make the other singyourmind.com right?

So, what should i do? Should i change my blog name?

Please, give me your thought too.. I will really really appreciate.




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