When the past is your first step to your future


Noticing my new blog address?? Hehehe.. After thinking for a while, i decide to change my blog name. You can read the story of the reason here.

Here is the new blog



Since it my personal blog, i should name it in something that can relate to me and my life.

Neez (read: Nis) is part of my name. My full name is Reza Annisa Fithri.
Usually i called Reza but my mom in law prefer to called me Nisa cause Reza is lil bit manly name. LOL.

Neez can also refer to business that i and my sister started. We make khimars and we named it Neez. Just because..
Actually Annisa is our middle name: Reza Annisa Fithri and Rossy Annisa Rakhmawati. Annisa means woman in Arabic.
So, what the best name for our business if not Annisa? But we just make it simple and ear-catching with NEEZ.

So, you got it? Me is The Big Neez and my sister is The Lil Neez. Get it? Get it?

Hehehe.. So please welcome The Big Neez

And here i have another story to tell.. Stories of my life that happened in last year.  But i just dropped some big events, cause i can’t remember the rest. Hahaha..

And because these dramas will lead me to the new path of life. Bismillah.

First story.. For some reasons, I should had a separate life with my hubby..
Not for everyday.. But there were days I went to my parents home in gresik. While koko still stayed at his parents’. It’s not an ideal thing for every marriage couple. But what else can we do? Not that we tried to looking for our own ‘palace’ but it’s complicated. I refused to rent a house since it costing so much and I didn’t want live in a boarding house T_T
If I’m single its okay but now I have a family.. Of course it would be uncomfortable. But by living separately we learnt something. We learn how become to be a better partner of each other. I try to be more understanding wifey. And he try to be more attentive.  Alhamdulillah…

And as It never want us to stopped be thankful. Allah heard our another pray.  It make our step to buying a home easier.. Alhamdulillah..  Although it placed in Gresik which actually W didn’t approve heartily but it’s on our budget!! We took it.. We hope we can move to our own nest this year. Amiin..

In 2015 i also met many “first experience” things..

>> First seriously conceived a child.
Different from other couple.. I decide to having a child if W decide to do so..  Since he has parenting issue. It lil bit hard for him to decided whether he wants to be a father or not.  I tried harder to understand. Cause actually I want to having child as soon as possible.  Then I realized to become parents it need 2 side, mother and father. So..? I’ll try to be more patient. But not that my hope is gone. W begin to show his interest to become a father. He read about a parenting book and he loves watch The Return of Superman because of the children’s cuteness and how the parents raise them. So, another Alhamdulillah right? Yet, it won’t make our “conceive a child” program easy to be true. We already tried in natural way (you know…) but looks like  it’s not easy for me to get pregnant. Well, sometimes it makes me sad. When other women can pregnant easily, i can’t. But  then i realize that maybe my ambition is too high. Heeee.. FYI, i have a wish that i can bear children who can be their religion’s army. Yes, someone who like Umar bin Khattab, Khalid bin Walid, Salahudin Al Ayubi or another Ibnu Sina? Hahaha… what a dream.

Maybe Allah thought my dream is too impossible for me now since i’m still a random muslimah. Not really a true muslimah. So Allah delay it. Maybe.. I hope so. What i can do now is learn how to become a good parent that can
bear the best muslim generation and try harder to endure every bully, every people’s judgement of our inability to  conceiving children soon. Cause the one who become parents for our children is us not them..
So, just shut your rubbish mouth people!!

>> In the ways to become a better muslimah. I try to covering my aurat perfectly.. And since my body is lil bit big, it’s better to wear jilbab or abayas (long dress) and long khimars. So i started to bought it. But i found the “proper” outfits that satisfy my permintaan and taste is expensive. LOL.. How come a abaya which is i know made from a good material cost
IDR 200K – 500K? Just one piece. And i need at least 7 pieces so i can wear for a week simultousnesly. Wouldn’t it cost my 1 month salary? LOL
So then, i made a trial and error by bought them randomly to know which fabric that suit me the most. And trying to find a good price too.. Since my money much spend in good abayas, i started to made my own khimars. It helps my expenses a lots. Hahaha.. Nevertheless, i found by changing appearance i feel more protected, simple and humble. Heeee. Yeah, cause now i don’t need to put much make up. My laundry become lighter since i say goodbye to jeans. LOL.. And it “force” me learn more about Islam.
How beautiful life isn’t?

>> First trying open business in khimar section.. I already told you about how costly a proper muslimah wear in market  recently. Not just an abaya but the khimar too sometimes the price is unreasonable. Then realize that how many muslimah will afraid to wear that kind outfits. I mean for some muslimah, spend IDR 1millions for an abaya is okay, but what about the other? Not all muslimah can afford that. So that’s why i and my sister try to sell khimar. We want to know about this business. And after a while we know it very hard. LOL.. So many competitors, yet we still can’t find any strength or differentation.  We also find out that to produce a good quality khimar (and abaya) it cost many, that’s why many products sell with high price. Well, i should have the solution then. Wish me luck.

>> First trying my hand to do diy skincare.. I realize something that we should take care our earth where we are living. In this world we are just guests who visit for time being. Like when we visit our relatives’ house. We tend to be a good guest for them by polite and not even try to ruin their house. LOL. And so do we do for God, Allah. This life is Allah’s. Our body is also It. It would be nice if we take care it with heart. When you realize that you din’t treat your body properly, you’ll find you feel guilty. Take me for example: I eat randomly and carelessly. I eat what i want to eat not what I
need to eat. In result: my body protest! I often got dizzy, cold, diarrhea and always feel tired. And my skin not even better. My face got oily too much and too often, larged pores, dull and has many dark spots. And to cure that, i put many products on skin without knowing what the ingredients. As long as the CF claim their products can do magic. I’m in.
Now i learn that i put too much toxins on skin before. what???!!! Yeah, so maybe that’s why my skin become worse if i stopped apply some creams??? Maybe. So in order to protect my body from many toxins and unwanted materials, i decided to stop using “random” products. I also try to prepare my body if one day i suddenly get pregnant. I don’t want my child contaminated by harmful things that i, their mother, consumed.
When i read many bloggers to find other literature, i found that now they are change their daily skincare regime to the natural one. Some of them even make their skincare by them self. Wow. Looks interesting. And because it is me. Of course i will try. Try to change my regime to natural products and try to make it by myself. I already post some products that i use. You can check out in:  And i can say, overall i like the change. Although it obvious one day i want to try drugstore products again, but i definitely
will going back to the natural one.

>> First having a properly holiday with W. Yippie.. This is the time when I knew he really care about me..LOL
And he loves to be beside me. And he loves to protect me. And finally he loves to hold my hand.. In public.  hahahaha.. My #relationshipgoal already accomplished.

>> The last, first facing my job seriously. LOL.. Since my boss resigned on last December I will try to become independent and solve my problems by myself. It’s not easy. Knowing that myself is a stubborn person, sometimes i made a careless decision *sigh*
Lil bit harmful because my job sometimes needs flexibility too.. So, (another) wish me luck yes 🙂

And after all, i always want to say Wish me luck! Cause in every our efforts there will be Allah’s intervene. And i named it luck.

I wish your and my 2016 and many years ahead will be full of luck and happiness and blessing.





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