My 2015 Drama Lists

Hello guys,,

How is your first 2016 weekend story? Was it full with drama or just so so.. Me? Of course office work’s drama was dominated. Hehehe..
And after all real life drama usually i relax with watch some on screen dramas. Usually i just watch drama from Asian countries like South Korea, Tiongkok, Taiwan, Japan and Thailand.

And while i enjoyed to watch but i’m not good to write an analysis about that drama. So you will hard to find any drama or movie reviews on my blog.
But now i encourage myself to write some feeling after watch dramas. Especially from what i watched in 2015. Because share is nice. LOL..
Enjoy my post…

1. Nodame Cantabile (Japan)
Episode: 11 (“normal” drama); 2 episode special drama; 2 movies
Release: 2006 (Fuji TV)
Cast: Tamaki Hiroshi, Ueno Juri, Eita, Takenaka Naoto

>> Yes, i know it realeased in 2006. But.. But.. At the time i didn’t interest to watch it since i don’t pretty like a musical drama. Especially i’m not really fond in classical music. But then my co-worker persuaded me to watch the drama, so i gave up. Hee..

I’ll try to gave 2 episodes a chance. Then, I’m hooked. Hahaha.. Seriously. I just love everything about this drama. The story, plotting, directing, casting, acting and especially the music. Since then my life revolved between Chiaki-senpai, Nodame, Tamaki Hiroshi-kun, and Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto. Bwuahahaha.. What a turn point.


2. Sud Sai Pan (Thailand)
Episode: 17
Release: 2013
Cast: Vill Wannarot, Toomtam Yuthana

>> I adore Vill Wannarot, the main actress. And when this drama released in 2013, i desperately want to watched it. But since i couldn’t access Viki (sometimes error) and i don’t know another sources to watch lakorn. So i just can sigh.. Heee

One day, when i were strolling around Pakuwon Trade Center i stopped in DVD seller area. That time i almost screamed because i saw Sud Sai Pan DVD on the rack!

Yes, yes i know it pirates one but I couldn’t help to bought it directly and watched marathon-ly.

Well, overall.. The story is lil bit cheesy like sinetron (Indonesia Drama) and in some scene & plot somewhat looks draggy. I need to clicked fast forward button frequently for that reason. Hahaha..

But Vill and ToomTam chemistry is cute, sweet and sexy (when Vill is the bad one). And I like how Vill potray the twin sister. I wanna slap the bad one. I want to hug the good one. Definitely she show some improvement. Heee..

3. Misaeng (South Korea)
Episode: 20
Release: 2014 (tvN)
Cast: Im Siwan, Lee Sungmin, Kang Sora, Kang Haneul, Byun Yohan, Kim Daemyung

>> I decided to watch after i got “bullied” from one of drama forum member. Since Misaeng is very very popular last year. I forgot the reason why i didn’t watch then, so it seems i don’t have a reason to avoid this drama.

And I regret. And i regretted not to watch it earlier.. Hahaha..

The drama is telling about office drama *sigh* and characters’ growing paths. Well i can tell you that i feel lil bit relieved since i should not experience what the main lead’s (Im Siwan) have. But i learn that i should put 100% efforts to do what i want to do and ignore all office politics since it tiring. Hehehe.. I also adore his friendship with other characters. Well.. Well.. I definitely put my heart to this show.

4. Three Musketeers (South Korea)
Episode: 12
Release: 2014 (tvN)
Cast:Lee Jin Wook, Jung Yong Hwa, Yang Dong Geun, Jung Hae In, Seo Hyun Jin
Realeased last year too (Oh My God! I’m so last year) and  forgot why i decided to watch . Hahaha.. But since it saeguk and just run in 12 episodes. So why not?

In the end, I’m hooked! Although i’m not really fond with base story (a pity Crown Prince Sohyun anyone!!) but i like the plot. Even i can’t help to like King Injo’s character here. The bromance also wonderfully worked. And if you didn’t like too much bromance, don’t worry, Crown Prince Sohyun and Crown Princess Kang will warm your heart.


5. Zannen Na Otto (Japan)
Episode: 10
Release: 2015 (Fuji TV)
Cast: Tamaki Hiroshi, Kuroshina Kanna

>> The story about three marriage couples and their struggle facing their own problems. Well, i can learn a lot from them since i’m not having children yet and my marriage is just still going to 2 years and my husband definitely not the abuse one. Ajust from my knowledge, dorama (japanese drama) is somewhat more realistic than their counterpart.
Especially from haruno arc (the main story 🙂 ) I have hubby who like Haruno san went crazy over their hobby collection. If Haruno devoted a half of his heart to basketball my hubby have an eye to gundams and tactical things *sigh* But but they also share the same love for their respectfully wifey. Bwahahaha…. Try to watch it if you want to experience some marriage’s problems *minta dikeplak*

6. Perfect Girl Evolution (Japan)
Episode: 10
Release: 2010 (TBS)
Cast: Kamenashi Kazuya, Omasa Aya, Tegoshi Yuya, Uchi Hiroki, Miyao Shuntaro
>>  I read manga and fallen in love with all characters. So when i heard that PEG went to live action drama adaptation, literally i’m sold. But then knew Kazuya Kamenashi acted as Kyohei Takano, I’m like “Nooooo!!!!” I’m not pretty fond to Kame and he is not Kyohei in my mind.

Aya Oomasa too..She is not my first choice to play Sunako Nakahara. So i turned down.

Finally when i got bored with k-drama i decided to watch it. And after finished, my heart lil bit scattered.. Ha!

The only one that i love from this drama is THE ENDING. Hahaha…. Since PEG’s manga isn’t finished yet of course i wouldn’t know what kind the ending they have.

And i got a beautiful conclusion: Sunako dating Kyouhei without throwing away her uniqueness. I mean, i found her horror-ness is cute. Hehehe

7. Dinner (Japan)
Episode: 11
Release: 2013 (Fuji TV)
Cast: Eguchi Yosuke, Kurashina Kana
Reason why watch: Tamaki Hiroshi. I heard he did a cameo. Even it’s just in 1 episode i decided to watched it. Hahaha…
Like usual dorama it has heart and soul. And food. Heee… Lil bit disappointed  with the ending. But hey, this is a dorama. Main love line doesn’t necessary if you don’t need it *sigh

8. Hogu’s Love (South Korea)
Episode: 16
Release: 2015 (tvN)
Cast: Choi Woo Sik, UEE, Im Seul Ong, Lee Soo Kyung
Reason to watch: I need some rom com.. Heee.. And this is from tvN. They never disappoint me.. The two main couple are unusual in k-drama. So yeah, the story itself likeable and although has flaws but still understand-able. I love all the character especially UEE’s and the twin! Oh My God!
As long I’m in dramas’ train, I seldom finding a very supportive sibling like them.. Their interaction each other or with their parents or with their love interest.. And geum dong-ie is such a gold.

9. Bride of Century (South Korea)
Episode: 16
Release: 2014 (CSTV)
Cast: Yang Jin Sung, Lee Hong Ki
Reason to watch: I heard the lead actress shown a good performance and the lead couple’s chemistry is wonderful. Yes, there are. Even when the story is too makjang but i can’t help to love this drama.

10. Let’s Eat 2 (South Korea)
Episode: 18
Release: 2015 (tvN)
Cast: Yoon Doo Joon, Seo Hyun Jin, Kwon Yool
>> Actually i didn’t want to watch it. Cause the casts (except General Yoon) are different than Let’s Eat 1 (i loove Doo Joon with Yoon So Hee. Hehehe).
So the story is different, the warm is different, the cutesy thing is different. And i feel different.Not in the bad way. It’s good. But i just feel..

Different. Heeeee….

But your love for food can do no wrong. Even when you are on diet. So, enjoy.

11. Ex-Girlfriend Club (South Korea)
Episode: 12
Release: 2015 (tvN)
Cast: Song Jihyo, Byun Yohan, Lee Yoonji, Ryu Hwayoung, Do Sang Woo
>> Byun Yohan show me that he deserved my love (what???!!), Song Jihyo is not fully “mong”. Lee Yoonji amazing as usual. And Ryu Hwayoung thank you for showing me that after T-ara chaos you can do works in this e-world…
I got the heart, i got the humors, i got the unusual friendship, i got the cuteness and i got my Yohan. Period.

12. Oh My Ghost (South Korea)
Episode: 16
Release: 2015 (tvN)
Cast: Park Boyoung, Jo Jungsuk
>> The main reason i watched this is Park Boyoung in rom com.
Because rom com is should be cute and sweet and so does Boyoung is. Plus she got Jongsuk. We got double sweet and cute.  Add some “side” characters: like the virgin Ghost and a cute sub chef. You will complete your love story.

13. Journey of Flowers (Hua Qian Gu)
Episode: 54
Release: 2015 (Hunan TV)
Cast: Wallace Huo, Zhao Liying
The premise looks promising. And Wallace Huo looks almighty with his costume. But after half of drama, I dropped off..
The story seems bit draggy and non sense and some characters annoying me. Just continued watched a couple last episodes because Bai Zihua & Hua Qiangu’s ending story still tempting to followed.

16. Scholar Who Walks The Night
Episode: 20
Release: 2015 (MBC)
Cast: Lee Junki, Lee Yubi, Lee So Kyung, Shim Changmin, Kim Soeun
Phew, like HQG I like it at first (Lee Junki in Hanbok..) then get bored.. The story didn’t appeal in my eyes.
But the most important things i can’t connect with the characters and conflict. So unlike Hua Qian Gu, with this one i stopped and never looked back #sorrynottosorry

14. Twenty Again (South Korea)
Episode: 16
Release: 2015 (tvN)
Cast: Choi Jiwoo, Lee Sangyoon, Choi Wooyoung
First i like the theme story. Second i like Lee Sang Yoon. Period. Like Hogu’s Love it also gives you a heart and soul..
It give you a nostalgic memory too and wondering if in the past i could do more would i ended up like this? No matter what, everyone deserve second chance if they want to works for it.

15. Nirvana in Fire (Tiongkok)
Episode: 54
Release: 2015 (Dragon TV)
Cast: Hu Ge, Liu Tao, Wang Kai, Chen Long, Wu Lei
>>> I need some good ancient dramas especially in Chinese..
Actually I considered legend of zhen huan but it took 76 episode until finale which is soo… Impossible for me.. Hahaha..
Then Nirvana in fire popped up!
I forgot where i found that title. But knowing it has Hu Ge, and i miss him sooo much, i’ll give it try.

And it’s   A W E S O M E.

At first I watched it with many ff button since I’m impatience about the ending. But then I regret, cause I will missed some points. So, do not even try.. 🙂

For your temptation: the 54 episodes are full loaded with a good story and plotting, a gorgeous directing and fabulous acting. I remember didn’t hate every single character even the villain, which is very rare in my drama history. Hahaha…

But i will understand that Nirvana is not everybody’s cup of tea. Since it revolves highly in court intrigue and full of bromance. So don’t expect a lovey dovey between couple which i actually feel lil bit disappointed cause i wanna watch (so so so much) the stiff Prince Jing has a lovey dovey moment with his wife. Hahaha.. The intimate scenes in this drama  just involved holding hand, hug and massage hubby’s shoulder?? Waee????

Silly complaint though, cause with that “flaw” still (for me) Nirvana undoubtedly is my best drama of the year. Although i love Misaeng and Nodame too but since I love ancient drama more.. So.. So..

And this show give me the best invention of the year.. W A N G K A I.
Yes Wang Kai, the Prince Jing in the drama. He take over my spare time by stalk and screenshot all his online pictures. Cause he is just intense and sexy on screen but dorky in real life. Like this..



I finished Nirvana in Fire in early December, so actually i still have time to watch another drama.But not. I decide to stopped watching drama after Nirvana In Fire. First because my life is too busy squealing on Wang Kai. LOL
Second, NIF left a huge satisfaction in my drama journey of this year. And i can’t ruin it by watch any random dramas. In case they will disappoint me. Heee

Still i have a drama list which realease in 2015 to watch in 2016:
1. Leh Nangfah
2. Ngao Jai
3. Marry me or Not
4. Fierce wife or Autumn Concerto
5. Awl
6. Healer
7. Six Flying Dragons
8. Legend of Zhenhuan
9. Legend of Miyue
10. Splash Splash Love

The list will still go on. But that’s my top wishlist watch. What is your drama? And what should i watch first in 2016?

Note: all pictures credit to various sites like asianwiki, asianfuse, dramawiki etc



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