What if

What IfWhat if

What if 15 years ago i decided to pursue my dream, study abroad…
Ignoring all my mum’s objection.
Because she doesn’t want her girl live far away from her..

What if..

Will my life go as i want?
Will i become a archeologist as my dream?
Will my life was going as Indonesian standard?

If 15 years ago, i decided to pursue my dream..

Maybe now, I’m working in Turin while watch my favorite club game.. Or if choose to go back to Indonesia, i will stay single. LOL.. Not that the marriage is scary or something. I just can’t live with my city’s standard. When you study diligently, then get a job or marry someone. And if you already marry, within a year you should get baby, the next two year you will get another baby, have a house and car and etc and etc…

Just, why i can’t live with my own standard?
I just want to be I am. Not a person who live “normal” as your community want..


What if.

The blue me,



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