On Day in Heaven Edge


A desperate woman who find that her husband falling in love with another woman  comes to see her God..

W: God, may i knock Your door and ask something?

G: What dear..

W: Could you give me an amnesia so i can forget that man?

G: No! Just accept it.

W: So, can i get my revenge?

G: No! Make your life for me because i already give life to you.

W: So, what should i do? Your test is too difficult to me.

G: Who’s say? Just accept it. Then come back to me. You’re already too far away from Me.

W: That’s it? So why do you still give him to me?

G: Because you are his responsibility. Until the end. He already promise.

W: But he didn’t love me.

G: Ask for his heart

W: But i’m tired.

G: Then die! I would not change someone’s destiny until they fight for it. If you tired then take a rest. But I will ignore you too since you ignore me..

W: (desperate) But i still feel the hatred. Can i called him a bastard?

G: Heh.. Yes, you can

W: Can i called her bitch?

G: You already did.

W: So, can i get my revenge?

G: No!! I said no! Get your life.. Bring your best to me and i will give My best to you.

W: But

G: Angel!!! Next…

Whatever your problems.. Just go back to your God and beg forgiveness and help..

taken from my #noveltobe #thehomewrecker 🙂

Happy fasting anyone!!!




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