Ramadhan in Blue #Day6

Wuaaa.. It already almost a week of Ramadhan. Can’t believe time will move so fast yes? Somehow i lil bit make hope that Ramadan will lasted longer.


How was your Ramadhan first week? I hope everything is okay.

I just want to share about my turmoil these days.. Galau cyiin..

Actually i lil bit hard to welcomed Ramadhan this year. Well, i have a problem. Personal problem. Which made my life turns to down side. I depressed, sick and hopeless (as i thought). Somehow, i thought it will be hard to get full of life anymore. Heeeeee…

But then, one of my friend slap me (not in reaal way) that why i became soo desperate? I still can come to my God and make prays. Especially since this is Ramadhan, a month of purification.. Yes, there are many forgiveness, blessing, generosity and how you purify your body and mind from all devilishness (just because devils are chained down in this month).

He said this is the time for me to make an acceptance for aaaaalll God’s provision.

Aaah, the “slap” worked..

I cry all nights to God with my problem. Hoping there is an answer. I also try to make an improvement in my worshiping way since i always be a so-so.. I try to close to It.

And you know, amazingly.. Allah didn’t give me the direct answer or solve about my problem instead It just show me that i should be more keep in faith and taqwa (condition where we should being conscious to Allah, being piety, fear of God) and be patience. Just it.

What the…

So i see. That problem came as a reminder to me. As i walked too far away from Allah. Become more hedonist, stubborn and arrogant person. God…

After all, i can say thank you.. Thank you life for being wonderfully teach me. And how amazing i found this problem in Ramadhan.. Even though i started this year Ramadhan in blue i hope in the end i will find my colorful Eid. Yes!!

Happy fasting for all of you..




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