#ramadhanday9 Big Family still Family


Last nite was my nephew’s birthday celebration. Not just usual party, it came at the same time with Ramadhan, so we can say iftar party. Yohoo!!!

Actually i weren’t too interested to join since my heart still gloomy. I just hated anything that force me to become a social person. Heeee..

But Koci-koci (my sist) insisted i should joined, since this is will be the reason my mood will light up. And not to forget, the birthday boy is my beloved nephew. The one that i adore and cherish so much. Sometimes i called them (he and his brother) my sons.

Here was it.. Hotel Harris Surabaya.

Came with a heavy heart and a bloating face after crying (LOL) i forced my self to smile and looks happy in front of my big family. I’m not too interested too eat since my gastric acid struck my stomach after i had an iftar party earlier at office.

Oh yes, my sister right. My mood is light up!! Chit chat, taking pictures and finally eat something. Heee…

Then, something strike me! My cousin –birthday boy’s mom– said actually those two brothers complaint to her by ask “has Aunty Reza and Aunty Rossy (my sis actual name) already forgot us?” “why they never seen us anymore?”
Which is.. What??!!!

Oh my.. Suddenly my heart breaks. Yes, before got married i was closed to them. I often visited them at their home, slept with them and their babysitters, went holiday together. Wuaaaa…

And then i rarely visit them. It turns out they missed me (and my sis)!!!!

Then i just i hold them quietly and hug and make a promise to spare my time to play with them a n y t i m e..

Forgive my selfishness dear, you know i always love you.

Well, maybe husband is anything but other family is everything. I should spend my time with them very often, key #ramadhangoals #familygoals

Some picts for console my soul…


noticing my puffy eyes? –after crying effects– Oh yes, me wear Purbasari Lipstick #81


Koci-koci and me ^^


Forgive our silliness


With them.. My (un)forgotten boys…





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