me, in my early 30

Assalamu’alaikum… ๐Ÿ™‚

How are you after all Eid al Fitr festive??

Me? Good but hope i didn’t add any weight. LOL.. Yeah, festive means many food yes.

And to add the celebration, i will announce today i turn 30!!! *clap *clap *clap

z7303 number 30 gold

pict: here

Can believe that after tomorrow when people asked my age, i will reply 30. Well, goodbye my twenties. Hahahaha..

In the past, i will lil bit worry when i reach my 30. Will i have all the material things? Will my skin goes aging? Will i be a happy person?

All those worries make me afraid to face my new age. Sometimes i refuse to remember that i will become 30 years old and older and older. But still Allah gives me a chance (once again) to live, whether it in happiness or sadness. Choose.

If i can look back, especially in recent months, all the worries just a non sense. Hehehehe.. Instead I just feel grateful. I feel grateful with that chance. So i can live in better life.

My recent problem teach me to not be afraid of anything because we still have Allah. Allah show me how to be brave facing all obstacles. Allah chooses to test me. Allah chooses to give my long life. For what? Guess i know the answer.

Now, I already shed my tears, gave my forgiveness for all (including you, yes you..) and set my life goal is:

Simply, to become Allah’s humble servant.

As all It did to me, it will be ungrateful if i still forget It and into my duniawi thingy ๐Ÿ™‚

I will not say i will forget the problem. No, cause still it left a big scar in my heart. But it will be my reminder how life is it. How i should react to it?

“gosh, why still these tears??*

I will not ask any special thing. I will not ask a big celebration. I even won’t ask a beautiful dinner with my hubby. Cause you know it so well..

I will not ask cake with candle from you too.. But if you are a generous person, just send me any korean skincare goodies. Hahahaha..

No, just send your pray to me. I just want to a happy and healthy and always be a grateful person.

In the end, happy 30!!!




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