Don’t try to turn a woman into a monster


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Hello 2017!!!

I don’t know whether this post is appropriate. LOL.. But somehow i know i should share. Decided to write about it after watched Chinese drama Empress in the Palace and experienced it myself. Hehehe…

One story of the drama told about Empress Yixiu as the main empress of Yongzheng Emperor. When she got pregnant, the emperor ordered her sister, Chunyuan to accompanied Yixiu. Seeing Chunyuan’s beauty, Yongzheng fell in love and decided to marry her and made her as second Empress. Some times later,Chunyuan got pregnant and unfortunately Yixiu’s one year old son died. Yixiu then felt heartbroken since the emperor didn’t seem care when her son fell ill because he was too enamored with his new empress.
So it looks like Yixiu lost everything, husband and son. Added salt to her wounded, all it caused by Yongzheng’s feeling to her sister. So, you can imagine how hurt her heart. Since then, she took revenge one by one.. By (oh, it was the terrible things) killed his then favorite concubines and many royal offspring. And when the emperor knew all her doings, of course he got mad especially when he realized Yixiu was the one who killed Chunyuan. He asked why she did that when the one who should be hated was his not Chunyuan. And with tearful face she answered it’s just because she is the one who truly loves him and questioning which woman can bear watch her beloved husband marry another woman
and having children with her? A statement which gave him a disbelief looks (and gave me a “HAH! moment”). Nevertheless, in the end Yongzheng doesn’t want to see her as long as he live even though she still got the empress title.

*take a long sigh*

What can i learn from them?

Yes i know she did many terrible things, but it doesn’t means Yongzheng is an innocent man. No, even i feel he is the most bitch in that drama. Hahahaha… She slowly become a monster because she can’t take the heartache that happened. It caused by his husband’s act who easily  fall in love with another woman and then marry her and the having a baby with her.. All done while the main wife is neglected and abandoned. Not to count how her son died because his father never seem cared when the toddler got sick. Poor family..

So yes, a monster can grow from just an ordinary woman if she experience a terrible thing, you called a husband betrayal.. Can you imagine someone who accompany your for some times, someone who share love, burden, laugh and tears. Suddenly he turn back, having “some fun” (regardless what its form) with other woman while there aren’t problem occurs in your marriage. That means your world is suddenly ruined too..

And poor me, as happened in Empress Yixiu, i never realize i can be a monster. Although it’s just in my mind. But never.. It never happened in my life before when i surely want someone to die, like to be burnt alive (T_T). And want her to be humiliated like what she did to me. Gosh, how bad am i? Yes, those accident turned me to be a someone who i couldn’t recognize.

And it just because a bastard man and a bitchy childish woman.

And unfortunately (LOL) according to my tradition (and religion) I couldn’t do revenges properly like Yixiu did. hahahaha… Not that i was as bad as her. But still how can you just sit and let those  things happened in front of your eyes.


Yes while i’m nearly going insane, But those monster didn’t come to live and ruined their life like they did. Unfortunately. Heeeee..

Well, the story telling is done. LOL. And what i want to tell ya is please, don’t make a woman turn into a monster guys.
Whether you are girl, woman, childish or mature. Please respect the wife’s right. Please take a look at your behavior around men especially a married man.

>> Don’t you ever go out with him, just you and him! Include, eating together, watching movie, go home and the list will continue. LOL..
>> Speak politely and don’t lenjeh, ngggg i can’t find a similar word in english. LOL.
>> Do not sharing your personal or office problem with him.
>> Do not borrow his money too. Borrow or ask? Hahaha

Oh Gosh, can you just find a friend in a single man? Because if you do those things with a married man. It just a nightmare.. Why?
Because you will not know what will his wife feel?
Because you will not know what will your relationship turn to be. Who knows friendship will be intimate relationship? With a married man. Are you sure?

And if you defend your acts by saying is just because of love. LOL!!! Love or lust? Just think! What if the another woman is coming into your dad and mom marriage? What will you feel??

So think about it again. And if the bitchy one is the one like the emperor and … (hahaha…),
please remember, you will hurt your “sister” just like you will hurt your mom or your own sister or your best friend.

You have a right to refuse his efforts. With any kind of rejections. If he still insist, can you just slap him and report his wrongdoings as a sexual harassment? Because it is. I mean do anything.

Except you enjoy it. You enjoy any kind of that attention, it is you that should be slapped. LOL..

So girls, please don’t turn us to be a monster.




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