(Review) Green Mommy Shop Organic Coconut Deodorant

Hello fellas.. Finally found some time to sit down and write my post properly. Heee…

Now, I’m back with my review of my current deodorant.

After learn that aluminum which is contained in our drugstore deodorant and antiperspirant is somewhat toxic and can develop cancer, i lil bit scare. Yes, the theme is still controversial. But actually beside aluminum, there are some ingredients that still harmful to our body such as:

a. Parabens – These synthetic preservatives are extremely adept at being absorbed through the skin and then sticking around long term in the body. Organ toxicity, early puberty, hormonal cancers, and birth defects have all been linked to paraben exposure.

b. Phthalates – These chemical plasticizers are used in cosmetics and personal care products to hold onto colors and make scents last longer. They’re linked to endocrine disruption, birth defects, decreased sex hormones, depleted sperm count and infertility, and organ system toxicity.

c. Triclosan – This ingredient is not only classified as a pesticide by the FDA, it’s also labeled a “probable carcinogen” by the EPA. Yet it’s still a common ingredient in personal care products, soap, and even shower curtains. It’s an antibacterial agent responsible for killing odors in deodorants and antiperspirants. It’s linked to bioaccumulation, hormone disruption, and the emergence of increased-resistance bacteria.

So why don’t we try natural product which is saver? Last time i tried Botanina Deodorant Spray which not meet my expectation. Then i looked for another product.

Voila, i found this in Green Mommy Shop. A Malang residence online shop that provide many natural and organic product for our body. I already tried some of them include brightening cream, natural soap, essential oil etc. And i’m quite impress ^_^ And now i try their one of their natural deodorant.

GMS Coconut Deo

Sodium Bicarbonate
>>> aka baking soda for absorbing perspiration and eliminate odors
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
>>> moisturizing skin and also kills bacteria
Arrowroot Powder
Corn Powder
>>> many natural deodorant recipe use it as base as it can absorb moisture
Zinc Oxide
>>> antibacterial agents also
Aloe Vera EO
Green Tea EO
Rose EO
Lavender Eo
>>> to add fragrant


Price: Rp. 38.000

It comes in white plastic jar. So i like, “oh it won’t be as simple as my previous deo”. Except facial cream usually i avoid jar packaged skin or body care.. Cause i’m too lazy to wash my hand before put in my finger into it — yeah, you know to avoid bacterias *rolled eys*–

When i touched it, the texture is like mud paste but powdery (from Arrowroot powder and Corn powder).

GMS Coconut Deo 5

take a lil bit paste (for me it 1 knuckles) and apply it to your armpit (yes, yours not your neighbours… Hehehe)

Wow, with my not-too-bad experience with natural deo before this product really impress me. It can covered my bad odour even i’m in out door for all day long. Yay!!! *clap clap clap*
And i read somewhere that sodium bicarbonate can brightening your armpits! Now i see why my skin armpits don’t look dark as before. Ahai…

The minus is lied on nggg… It’s not good for you who likes to wear sleeveless dress or top cause it will left white stain in your armpit skin. Hehehe..
And somehow after a while the paste will dry out. But don’t worry just dilute it with coconut oil, it works…

GMS Coconut Deo 7

While i do confess my love for this product i will still try looking for stick one since it easier.. Don’t blame me *wink eyes*

See you in next review.






My June Favorite Products

What a post…


Hahaha… I suppose to post this on June 30th. But but… My PC suddenly error. Not suddenly. It because i wanted to installed “nimbus screen shots” but ended up knowing that my mozilla firefox version was too old so i decided to updated it. But then it caused more trouble since then i couldn’t open WORDPRESS!!!

Not only my own account but also others. It means i can’t browse to my favorite sites. *cakar cakar komputer*

So I did anything i know, like cleared the browse history, re-installed, re-started. But nothing happen *crying a river*

Then i decided to just waited. Since i have lots works in the end of the month. I decided to focus in my job. Hahaha.. What a…

Thankfully with no distraction (you know, browsing sometimes disturb my work. Hahaha #notthatimcomplain) my billing finished faster. Heeeee..

And my waiting get pays off. Finally i can open wordpress again!! Yay!!! I should be happy and want to post directly but…

Yes, there is another but..

My right eye got infection!!! What the..

Suddenly it become red (very very red like a demon in dramaland *sigh*) and it hard to open. I tried to treat it with herbal eyedrops but nothing happened.

Next morning, my dad rushed me to go to doctor. And she confirmed that i have eye infection and i should not make an eye contact with people for several days. To cure it she gave eyedrops and oral medication. She also suggested to avoid computer. Oh yeah, it means i should off working. Yay or nay!! Hahaha…

Then i took a rest at home for several days. And now i’m back to work and to blogging world!!

Welcome back me… Hehehehe…

So, now i want to share my favorite skincare or bodycare that i used in June. As you may know, recently i tried many natural and organic products cause now i started to take care my body and skin product. That’s include what ingredients contained. Sound wise yes?? But not really, i’m not strict one. I still use many products that contain non natural and organic material since they more affordable. Hahaha..

Here’s a quick review of my favorite products from “June Skin Travelling”:

sym june fave 2

1. Botanina Aromatherapy Spray Cold & Flu
I made a review here. A good product to pervent Cold & Flu Virus. i even re-purchase.. Try it.

2. Kiehl’s Clearly Correction Dark Spot Solution
I should give this product a properly review. But i just lazy to take a before – after picture. Hehehe… It gives my face lil bit glow.. Lil bit pricey but worth it.

3. Rainforest Organic Coconut Deodorant
Finally, i found my natural & organic deodorant. YAY!! bye bye drugstore deodorant. I will review it soon..

4. Beauty in The Pot Body Oil
A natural body oil from Beauty in the pot. I choose Floweryvander and it smells goods. Good for my body too since it a very good moisturizer. Re purchase? Not really, i want to try another brand. Haha!!

That’s all! Hope you enjoy this post and try the product itself.

Wish you have a good July!!



Review of Botanina Products

Botanina Product

Hi Guys, do you have a great start in this Ramadhan?

I hope so. Hehehe..

Now, i’ll post review about some natural products from Botanina that i use. As you may know, for several months i’ll try to change my body care to the natural one so that i can reduce toxic harm for my body and earth (eaaaaa….)

Why Botanina? Random. Hahaha.. Yes, I found Botanina randomly in Instagram when i tried to search natural body care products that produce in Indonesia. Previously i often use Green Mommy Shop goods which based in Malang, East Java. I even registered as a member (Hehehe.. I will review them as soon as possible too..).  But as skin & body care traveler, i still want to try another brand. And definitely Botanina catch my intention.

Here is products that i bought:

1. Aromatherapy Spray (Cold & Flu Series)

1) Spritz on pillow/bed sheet or in the room to give you relieving experience during cold/flu season.
2) Spritz shared items (pillow, blankets, sofas) to give anti-fungal and anti-bacterial benefit.
3) Spritz pets’ bed, cushions and lounging areas once a week to repell fleas.

Distilled water, plant-based alcohol, blend of pure essential oils, polysorbate-20, vit e.

Avoid direct contact with eyes, food and food utensils. Keep out of reach of children & pets. Not recommended for pregnant women. Keep in a cool place.

Netto: 30 ml/70K

My comment:
The best botanina product so far. I mean in terms of its benefit in my life. It really, really can reducing the chance of flu virus attack my body. Ha! Even when i drink ice water all day. (FYI, actually i have something like ice-allergy. I mean i will get cough as soon as i drink cold beverage. Even it’s just in one sip T_T

Oh.. and ice cream too.. I can’t eat that easily or i will sneeze after eat T_T

But after i spray it onto my pillow sheet every night. Yes, EVERY NIGHT. I’d start not to worry about my allergy. I even doing some test. Hehehe.. I drank cold water for lunch in several days and i didn’t get symptoms. Yeah!!!

But i don’t want to act greedy by carelessy eat & drink everything i want. Still i avoid to drink cold beverage as much as can be. But if i want to drink one, i can ignore my worries. Hehehehe…

2. Natural Deodorant Spray Vetiver – Orange
“the combination of ingredients in this product has antibacterial benefits. It helps to moisture the skin and is a superb astringent”

Spray onto under arms. Letting it dry before dressing.

Witch hazel extract, rose water, plant-based alcohol, vetiver oil, sweet orange oil.

Avoid direct contact with eyes, food and food utensils. Keep out of reach of children & pets. Not recommended for pregnant women. Keep in a cool place.

Netto: 30 ml/35K

My comment:
Actually it’s a good natural deodorant if you are an office employer. I mean if you work at field or factory or something like that, it couldn’t cover your bad odour enough. Really sorry..

But you still can try it by yourself. Cause maybe the effect is depend on your own odour. Or maybe my body odour is too bad so i need something strong to cover it… Hahahaha..

3. All-Purpose Cleaner
“Using blend of 3 essential oils. THis spray has benefit properties of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral. It said No bleach, no alcohol, no triclosan, no synthetic fragrances”

Shake before use spray it on your glass surfaces, kitchen counters, windows, refrigerator & bathroom surfaces.

Distilled water, distilled white vinegar, castille soap, lemon oil, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil.

Always spot test first to make sure it doesn’t stain or harm your surfaces. Avoid direct contact with eyes, food and food utensils. Keep out of reach of children & pets. Keep in a cool place.

Netto: 100 ml/40K

My comment:
It suppose to kill germs and their friends (*roll eyes..). But i don’t know if it effective enough because i can’t see the germs dying. Hahaha..
Still, i tought it’s a good product. Sometimes i use it as furniture cleaner or simply spray it on public toilet seat to avoid sharing germs between toilet user #notthatimgermsphobia *sigh*

Overall, I’m okay with all botanina products. I even re-purchase Cold & Flu Spray cause it’s not just me who love it, my hubby too..

And mba Tina, the owner is very kind. Actually there is a problem in my first purchase. My Cold & Flu Spray bottle is broken when it traveled way to my place. And when it arrived on my desk (while the other 2 are safe. The C&F bottle ruined. Even the liquid is all gone *sigh*)

I don’t know who is the wrong one. Maybe the shipment agent didn’t care about the packaging or carelessy handle it. But Mba Tina feel responsible, she sent another new bottle of Cold & Flu Spray!!! Yeay *give a big hug to you mba tina*

So guys, have you ever try botanina?



Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser (Review)

As skincare junkie, one of my “MUST HAVE” products is a cleanser. For me cleansing is pivotal step to reach healthy skin. Never doubt that my daily activities force my skin to absorb dirts, dust and toxic. Even we just stay at home yaaa.. So we can’t avoid it. But not to worry, just find a good facial cleanser and your life should be saved. Hehehe.

Anyway there are many type of cleansers: milk, lotion, gel, wash and so on.. So far i just use milk and basic facial wash. Usually when i cleanse my skin at night i use pre-cleanse method. Prior to cleanser wash i use Viva cleansing milk( to ensure my face completely clean). But when me in the lazy mood i skip my milk and directly use facial as my cleanser. So in my case i should find the good one. For cleansing milk i use Viva. Although it cheap (just IDR 3.700) but it effective to erase my make up, besides it doesn’t make my skin iritate.

So, my biggest problem lay on facial wash. I’ve tried many drugstore brands, but didn’t give me a good result. FYI, my skin’s main problems are big pores and dull. Some time ago (when i became one LUCYS participant) i used Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective™ White Purifying Foaming Cleanser. It contain White Birch & Peony Extract that can helps my skin brighter. Although it couldn’t erase my dark spot drastically, but i love the effectiveness for cleanse my skin. It even erase my BB Cream!! Let say i could love it.. But still, i couldn’t insert it to my “MUST HAVE ITEM” list cause it did nothing for my pores 😦 So i put my eyes on other products. Hehehehe…

But i would not go too far. I still has eyes on Kiehl’s since they always known to have great products.  They have Rare Earth range as pore care. Their Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Lotion is amazing (you can read my review in here), so i thought their cleanser will work to me too 🙂

RE Cleanse 1

RE Cleanse 2RE Cleanse 3Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser formulated for normal and oily skin. It contain Amazonian White Clay and Diatomaceous Earth. For years, White Clay is a known ingredient to eliminate toxin, bacteria and oils. It rich in iron, pottasium, calcium & sulfur. Of course if your skin surface is clean, it will be able to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores so your skin will looks fresh and healthy *drool* It looks promising yes for facial cleanser.

Kiehl’s sells it approximately IDR 280.000. Yes, it could be soo expensive. I mean, how come i should pay more than 200K just for buy a facial cleanser?? But it contain 150ml thick liquid. And basically you just need a little to cleanse all over your face, so you can finish it after 4 months. For me, it called investment. Hehehehe…

The “dough” is so thick, greyish and has clay smell. It contain several beads for exfoliating effect. But don’t worry, the beads is so gentle, it will dissolve when you apply on your wet face. Definitely doesn’t hurt my skin. So, i use it twice everyday (morning and night). It gives your skin the “clean, soft and lil bit brighter” effects post-shower. Yeay…..

RE Cleanse 5RE Cleanse 6After using it for a month, i feel good. Hehehehe.. I thought that i see the difference before and after. My skin appears smoother and the pores seems liiiiil bit smaller. The oilness is also seem reduce. Yay!!!

Ngggg… Okay..

Well actually maybe it’s because i use the rare earth series (cleanser, toner and lotion) so i don’t know which product gives more effect. Hehehe… But if you have oily-combination skin and enlarge pores, you should definitely give it try.

My cons just..

Why Kiehl’s always launch product with big packaging? Look at the product. How bulk is it? I absolutely don’t want to bring this everywhere i go yes.. So i spare it on travel size packaging so i can use it in my nomaden life *wink*

That’s all, thank you for reading. Happy weekend…



Probio C Spray

Oh, It looks like loong hiatus to me… Hehehe… Don’t worry I’m back with review of latest product that i try.. Sebenernya sudah pengen nyobain beli ketika dia pasang iklan di kantor saya. Tapi takut mehong cyiiin. Jadi agak ragu-ragu. Hehehe.. Etapi kemudian ada anak kantor yang emang doyan nyobain kosmetik (plus dokter kecantikan) beli. Dia bilang harganya murce nggak sampe 60ribu. Yihaaa!!! Langsung deh capcus beli. Ternyata itu harga di Toserba Palapa, kalau beli di Apotik Kimia Farma bisa 65rb. Lumayan juga perbedaannya yeee…

Probio C Spray 1Probio C Spray 5Produk sudah ditangan, mari kita kulik bersama-sama… Oh ya, ini mungkin karena lagi  promo ya, jadi pas pembelian pertama ada bonus cosmetic purse-nya, tapi waktu re-purchase si purse nggak keluar lagi T_T

Probio C Spray 6























“Nutrisi berenergi yang mengandung vitamin C yang diperkaya dengan vitamin alami dan Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract untuk menyegarkan kulit secara langsung. Dikombinasi dengan bahan pemberi hidrasi dan ekstrak anti penuaan untuk membantu mengembalikan keseimbangan alami kulit”

Probio C Spray 4Ingredients:
Aqua (air ya neng…)
Ascorbyl Glucoside (stable form of Vitamin C, stable, safe)
Methylparaben (bahan pengawet)
Glycerin (bahan pelembab)
Sodium Lactate (moisturizer)
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract (lidah buaya. known for cooling effect and protect us from UV, safe)
Sodium Metabisulfite (bahan pengawet, antioksidan, moderat safe)
Proline (asam amino: mempertahankan kelembaban alami kulit, regenerasi kulit & antioksidan)
Panthenol (vitamin B5, melembabkan kulit karena menjaga kadar air dalam kulit)
Glycolic Acid (AHA >> antioksidan, antiaging, memperbaiki warna & tekstur kulit)
Disodium EDTA (mencegah kerusakan kosmetik)
Allantoin (once again, pelembab. membantu penyembuhan luka di kulit)
Tocopheryl Acetate (antioksidan)
Sucrose (gula???? remove dead cell skin of surface skin)
Urea (bersifat mengikat air yang menjaga kulit tetap lembut dan terhidrasi. juga memiliki sifat exfloating)
Sodium Citrate (vitamin C)
DMDM Hydantoin (preservative, anti bacteria & fungi, moderat safe)
Malic Acid (AHA dari asam buah apel: memlembabkan, regenerasi kulit, anti aging, menyembuhkan jerawat)
Tartaric Acid (AHA dari asam buah anggur, fungsi sama dengan Malic Acid)
Chlorphenesin (preservative)
Diazolidinyl Urea (preservative)
Alcohol free

>> Kalau dilist kayak gini enak deh, jadi tau kandungan produk ini apa aja.. Full of moisturizer things <<

Membantu menyegarkan dan melembabkan kulit wajah

Cara Pemakaian:
Arahkan botol PROBIO-C Spray ke wajah dan leher dengan jarak kira-kira 15-20 cm. Pejamkan mata dan semprotkan langsung beberapa kali ke wajah dan leher, biarkan hingga kering.

> PROBIO-C Spray ini bisa dipake beberapa kali sepanjang hari dan kapan pun dan dimana pun untuk melembabkan & menyegarkan kulit atau kalau mau touch up make-up.

Packaging: botol plastik berwarna gelap (mungkin karena desye mengandung vitamin C jadi kemasannya harus yang gelap-gelap) ukuran 50 ml

Cara penyimpanan: di bawah suhu 25 derajat celcius atau terlindung dari cahaya matahari.

Diproduksi: PT. Ikapharmindo Putramas

My Impression:
Ah, i love this stuff. Beneran ngelembapin kulit bahkan untuk kulit kombinasi kayak punya saya. Muka saya juga jadi agak jarang kucel lagi.. Etapi, ini nggak tau karena efek solely Probio C atau produk lain. Karena saya lagi ngerubah my whole skincare regime. But surely spray ini berperan penting juga untuk kondisi kulit saya sekarang. Yippi!!!!
So far nggak ada yang keluhan.. Eh, ada sih.. Kalau mau nyemprot harus bener-bener mata kita lagi tertutup lho.. Karena kalau kena mata dikit agak pedih. Tapi kalau udah terlanjur kena mata saya cuma langsung merem lagi sih trus berkedip-kedip. Biasanya langsung nggak apa-apa..
Setelah pake selama hampir sebulanan ini dan saya sudah menunjukkan tanda-tanda mau repurchase. Padahal belum abis juga. Heee.
Jadi produk ini lumayan awet juga lhoo, satu botol bisa dipake untuk sebulan padahal saya makenya juga nggak pake aturan, sesukanya aja. Sebelum tidur, sebelum ber-makeup, abis wudhu atau bahkan begitu nyampe kantor saya sudah langsung semprot-semprot. Maklum hawanya kering dan panas banget ini, jadinya butuh yang seger-seger…

Berikut foto before & after saya setelah 2 minggu menggunakan produk ini.. Keliatan lebih lembap kaaan…

BA Pemakaian Probio C

So… It’s very recommended product..

(update: Harga di Palapa naek 61ribu lhooo)



Innisfree Mineral Melting Foundation Glow

This is my first time reviewing a makeup product. As you may know I’m skincare products junkie more.. So, i’m excited to do this. LOL..

Innisfree MMF 8+1Here’s Innisfree Mineral Melting Foundation Glow. Sebenernya, saya sudah punya ini sejak lama tapi yah biasalah, untuk bikin review itu as always butuh waktu yang panjang *alasan*. Hehehe..Saking lamanya saya sampai lupa kenapa dulu milih foundie ini daripada yang lain. But so far i don’t regret for bought it.

Innisfree ini termasuk perusahaan kosmetik yang punya effort peduli lingkungan. Buktinya di bungkus foundie terdapat sign bahwa tinta di kemasannya menggunakan SOY INK. Kalau di packagingnya udah ramah produknya harusnya ramah juga kan? 🙂






It comes in pink packaging and has blue puff.. cute..cute

It comes in pink packaging and has blue puff.. cute..cute

has 2 layer.. I though the pink one is the moisturizer

has 2 layer.. I though the pink one is the moisturizer

I chosed the N3 shade.. karena saya pikir itu yang lebih mendekati warna kulit saya. You know, cewek-cewek korea kan pada dasarnya kulitnya putih-putih, jadi perusahaan kosmetik mereka juga pastinya memproduksi range warna yang sesuai dengan mereka. Bagi anak-anak South East Asia macamsaya ini cukuplah pakai yang bertuliskan natural beige dan sebagainya. Untungnya pas di kulit, jadi nggak terlalu keliatan ndemblok-ndemblok kayak pake cat gitu. Hohoho…

The highlight of the product (Sayang sekali nggak ada tulisan latin untuk ingredientsnya):
> Effectively cover
> long lasting
> high moisture
> 3-free system
> One of ingredients: Mineral Powder and Jeju Green Tea.
> SPF 32/PA ++/ Whitening
> add dewiness to your skin

Direction (as seen on packaging)
Apply an appropriate amount onto puff and gently pat and smooth over entire face, pressing
on curved area with meticulous care.
>> kalau saya punya dua cara, yang satu niru tante Jung Saem Mol seperti di video ini. Atau foundienya di taruh di punggung tangan dulu, trus karena ada dua layer foundie (yang satu cokelat yang satu pink) dimix dulu sampai rata baru diapply di wajah trus diratakan pakai spon segitiga. Hasilnya lebih rapi dan nempel di muka.


Innisfree MMF 10Impression:
Awal-awal make sempet sebel karena ya dia kan mengandung dewiness itu.. Lha muka saya kan daerah T-nya pabrik minyak, suka nggumpal-nggumpal sendiri gitu plus bikin komedoan.  Then, saya ngeliat video Tante Saem Mool, saya langsung tercerahkan. Alah.. It very good way to apply cushion foundie. Semua janjinya terpenuhi sih. Coveragenya cukup bagus, bikin muka glowing, dan cukup long lasting juga. Saya pernah pakai dari jam 6pagi sampai 2siang no oksidasi terjadi. Lumayan kan? Meski begitu, produk ini ada tapinya.. Secara mukanya saya oily,  jadi kalau lagi dipanasan, harus lebih sering touch-up. Hehehe… But overall, it’s a good product.

Do you know? Jadinya saya makin sering pakai foundie. Biasanya cuma pakai kalo lagi ada
kondangan, tapi sekarang kalau lagi pengen tampil cantik banget di kantor ya pakai. LOL..

Another pics of me yang lagi make innisfree mineral melting foundation glow..

Innisfree MMF 11



Kiehls Clearly Corrective White Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream (24-Hour Hydration)

This Clearly CorrectiveTM White series are one of my Kiehl’s favourite products series beside Rare Earth.. It definitely works on my skin which make (although slowly) it brighter.

I tried the cleanser, toner and emulsion. I love them all *wink*.. In my lastest visit to Kiehl’s store they give me several samples (as generous as they can be). One of them is White Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream. Naturally i avoid to apply cream on my face because it has tendency to make my skin oilier. But Micky (Kiehl’s Customer Representative) advice me to put it at night beforei’m going to sleep. So, i won’t bothering me when the excess oil out.

So, yeah.. Let me try.. But before, let me tell you about this product.

Kiehls CCW Cream Sample 1










Kiehls CCW Cream Sample 2




















“Clinically-Demonstrated to help Reserve Noticeable SKin Discoloration for an Overall Improvement in Skin Clarity. Infuses Intense 24-Hour Hydration. (with Activated C, White Birch and Peony)”

Aqua/Water, Glycerin, Caprylic/Capric **glyceride, Propylene Glycol, Dimethicone,
Butylene Glycol, Neopentyl Clycol Dicaprate, Cetyl Alcohol, PEG-100 Stearate, Glyceryl
Stearate, 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, Cera Ablba/Beeswax, Tocopheryl Acetate, Stearic Acid,
Hydroxypropyl Tetrahydropyrantiol, Palmitic Acid, Polyacrylamide, Phenoxyethanol, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Sodium Citrate, Salicylic Acid, 2-Oleamido-1,3-Octadecanediol, Chlorphenesin, Citric Acid, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil/Lavender Oil, Xanthan Gum, Mica, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Laureth-7, Linalool, CI 77891/Titanium Dioxide, Disodium EDTA, Potassium Hydroxide, Citral, Limonene, Geraniol, Citrus Tachibana/Citrus Aurantium Tachibana Peel Extract, Paeonia Suffruticosa Extract/Paeonia Suffruticosa Root Extract Fmla 6-85581/13
Code F.I.L. D54211/1

Directions: Apply to a clean face day and night
>>> i use this one sample sachet (1,5 ml) for 7 nights.

Kiehls CCW Cream Swatch 1


Kiehls CCW Cream Swatch 2Kiehls CCW Cream BAImpression:
I can’t say whether i love or hate it. Hahaha… I love the effect (moisturising and brightening), it absorb well too. But i hate the smell. I can not describe what it smells like.. Ngg.. Like medicine? Ngggg… But the expired one.. Hah!.. I don’t know. I just dislike it.

If you don’t mind with the smell then give it try.



Have you drink water properly?

I admit, i have a few bad life habits. Salah satunya adalah males minum air putih. Heee… Saya jadi males, karena kalau keseringan minum air bisa dipastikan frekuensi ke kamar mandi saya juga sering. Kalau lagi di rumah sih gak papa, lain cerita kalau saya lagi di kantor. This is my another annoying habit, saya suka lama kalau pipis di kamar mandi kantor (ya iyalah.. masak pipis di kantin??).  Bahkan sama orang-orang saya suka diledek ketiduran lah atau ngosek aka ngebersihin kamar mandi saking lamanya. Hahaha… Ya mau gimana lagi, I’m lil bit a clean freak. Toiletnya kan toilet duduk tuh, nah bayangin aja banyak pantat yang mampir disitu. Ostomatis otak “bersih” saya berontak. RItualnya: saya bersihin dudukan toilet pake tisu basah/tisu yang dikasih sabun cair . Harusnya udah bersih kan ya? Tapi sama saya ditambahin lagi pake naruh lembaran tisu di atas dudukan toilet baru deh saya “berani” duduk manis.. Duuu, rempong ya mak??? Bisa ngebayangin berapa lama saya harus mendekam di kamar mandi? Hehehehe…

Eniwei, back to the main topic.. Mungkin ya karena saya jarang minum, saya jadi gampang sakit. Akhirnya semenjak setahun belakangan ini saya jadi mulai memperhatikan kesehatan saya.. Apalagi semenjak menikah, berat badan saya agak susah dikontrol naiknya.. Hehehe.. Saya mulai ngeliat apa yang saya makan, membiasakan olahraga sampai ngeobservasi warna (sorry) kotoran dan air seni.. Kurang kerjaan banget.. Hehehe… Etapi karena itulah saya jadi sadar kalau selama ini air seni saya sering berwarna kuning, artinya (dari artikel yang saya baca) saya dehidrasi.. Ooooo…

Padahal dehidrasi sendiri cukup membahayakan lho kalau diterus-terusin, karena ternyata air itu punya peranan penting banget di badan kita. Mulai browsing-browsing deh tentang pentingnya air minum. Ini hasilnya:

Manfaat air putih /  minum untuk tubuh
1.Memperlancarkan sistem pencernaan >> Air berguna untuk melarutkan makanan, vitamin dan mineral yang
berguna dalam proses pencernaan dalam tubuh manusia. Serta mengangkut zat-zat makanan dari jaringan yang satu ke jaringan yang lain dan mengangkut sisa metabolisme dari jaringan ke sistem ekskresi.
2.Air putih bisa menjadi pelumas tulang dan sendi. .(biar gampang kayang dan break dance *rolling eyes*)
3.Membersihkan racun dari semua bagian tubuh lalu membawanya ke hati dan ginjal untuk dibuang. Efeknya bisa mencegah bau badan juga lhoo..
4.Untuk kesehatan kulit >> Saat kita kekurangan cairan, tubuh akan menyerap kandungan air dari dalam kulit sehingga bikin kulit kering dan berkerut. Air juga bisa mempercepat proses pergantian sel kulit mati. So, kulit jadi lebih segar dan kenyal.
5.Kalau dehidrasi biasanya kita gampang lelah karena ternyata air ngasih energi ke otak dan sel-sel lainnya sehingga bisa menjalankan fungsinya dengan baik.
6.Membantu mengencerkan darah serta mencegah penggumpalan darah ketika beredar ke seluruh bagian tubuh.
7.Buat ibu hamil, air putih berguna untuk mengurangi mual di pagi hari akibat morning sickness.
8.Sssst… Katanya bisa mencegah masalah impotensi juga karena ternyata dehidrasi itu bisa menghambat proses produksi hormon seks.
9.Membantu membakar kalori (Yippi!!). Lagipula kita sering “kacau” pengen ngemil padahal sebenernya kita cuma haus. So, minur air putih bisa mencegah kita terlalu banyak ngemil makanan yang “aneh-aneh”.
10.Memperlambat tumbuhnya zat-zat penyebab kanker, plus mencegah penyakit batu ginjal dan hati.
11.Membantu meningkatan sistem ketahanan tubuh untuk melawan virus yg masuk.

See? See?

Air ternyata berguna untuk mengeluarkan racun dari tubuh, kalau jarang minum air otomatis proses pengeluaran racunnya terhambat ya akhirnya ngendap deh di badan. Jadi sakit. *sigh*

Mulailah saya mendeklarasikan (???) diri untuk minum air lebih banyak. Sebagai preparation saya beli tempat minum Tupperware yang ukuran 1 liter supaya gampang ngedeteksi jumlah air yang sudah saya minum seharian. Hehehe… Niat banget yaa..

Etapi kebanyakan minum air juga nggak baik lhoo.. Kata dokter Phaidon jumlah asupan air minum manusia setiap hari bisa dihitung dengan rumus : berat badan x 0,3..

Contohnya berat badan saya kan 55kg. Jadi 55 x 0,3 = 16,5. Jadi konsumsi air minum saya 1,6 – 1,7 liter.

Easy right?

Karena sebelumnya saya terbiasa minum kurang dari 1 liter sehari, itungan 1,7 liter itu jadi semacam challenge buat saya. So, saya jadi bikin strategi eh jadwal untuk minum air. Bangun tidur langsung minum air segelas.. Tiap 30 menit biasanya minum air 2 teguk trus 30 menit sebelum keluar kantor ato rumah saya selalu stop minum air karena takut kebelet pipis di tengah jalan. Abisnya males banget kan pipis di spbu. Hehehe *clean freak strike*.. Baru nyampe rumah minum lagi agak banyakan. Lumayan, sekarang warna pipis saya lebih sering beningnya ketimbang kuning.

Senengnya lagi, sekarang banyak temen kantor saya yang jadi suka minum juga. Minum air lho yaaa.. bukan yang lain. Makanya saya juga nggak sungkan buat bolak balik ke KM, karena banyak temannya. Hehehe….

Ada sedikit catatan lagi, katanya kalau minum itu mending sambil duduk ya… Jangan berdiri. Apalagi kalau di Islam makan dan minum disunahkan duduk trus baca bismillah dulu sebelum minum plus megang gelasnya pake tangan kanan ya.. Jadi berasa lebih syahdu lagi minum airnya. Hohoho…

So, guys start your properly drink now!!!



Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate

I never thought i will get something like a skincare product addiction *rolling eyes*..


Yeah, you know (according to me) it is a symptom when you apply a skincare product on your skin it will make your skin feels and looks better. But if you stop doing that, your skin will become a hell as well. Lil bit a nightmare you know..

So i just can blame it to Kiehls.. Hahahaha…

Why Kiehl’s? Why you should produce that product? What if one day you decide to discontinued this product? What if i can’t buy your product anymore.. Will you take the responsibility for making my skin worse? *okay, my “alay” moment* 🙂

Kiehls - Powerful BAHere’s my (unusual) Before After Picture.. Left is my skin condition after diligently putting this serum on my face. Sorry for the pict resolution, i took it with my cellphone (which is not really great. Should i buy a new one?) but you still can see that my pores looks smoother. And at the right one is my pores pict when i decided to stopped using that product for a week.

As i said in my post before, i had an skin experience. After i have a honeymoon moment with  #letuschangeyourskin from Kiehl’s, i want to take a test, which Kiehl’s product that give a GREAT change to my skin. I decided to stop apply one by one. First i stop using this product, and i never knew i would have a big regret.. Oh my….

So let me introduce you to *drum roll*

Kiehls - Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate

Kiehls – Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate

Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate.. *clap clap clap*

At the first time Kiehl’s Customer Representative (KCR) give this to me, i just get mad. “Hellow brother, i have pores problem. How dare you give me such a line reducing product?” Am i need them? No, i need something that reducing my pores not line. But he insisted this product will good to me. He promise..

And yeah, now i know it works.. Hahahaha *big hug to bro Mickey of Kiehl’s*

So what is it? How it works for me..

“This Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate is formulated with a highconcentration of 10,5 % Pure Vitamin C [L-Asorbic Acid] known for its powerful ability to improve the appearance of skin aging. With continued user over time, this treatment has a significant effect on marionette lines around the mouth and and sub-orbital wrinkles in the eye area as well as other facial lines and wrinkles. In addition, skin shows a noticeable improvement in texture and radiance. A high dosage of Vitamin C, when applied topically, has been shown to have a multitude of positive effects on the skin’s appearance. Kiehl’s chemists found a way to formulate and stabilize Pure Vitamin C at high levels in a highly efficacious from to help maximize the benefits of the ingredients.”

The Ingredients:
Propylene Glycol, Cyclopentasiloxane, Ascorbic Acid, Glycerin, Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1
Dimethicone, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Lauroyl Lysine, Acrylates Copolymer,
Adenosine Fmla 685275/21 Code F.I.L. D39705/1

Kiehls - Powerful Unlock
As usual, Kiehl’s is very “protective” about their product. I mean, it has lock/unlock system to open the bottle. To unlock, you should rotate the pump cap to the right. I’m happy with this, because bottle cap won’t pushed easily so the contain won’t going everywhere..

Here’s the directions to apply it:
First, cleanse your skin thoroughly. Apply to over entire face twice daily (but avoiding the eye area). When the formula blends into the skin, you will experience a feeling of warmth. Don’t worry it means the formula is working. CMIIW. If it make a contact with your eyes, rinse them immediately.

>> basically it’s a serum. So after that you can apply your daily moisturizer.

First, the texture is like white heavy cream, but then when you start to blend, it become light and transparent. It absorbed easily, so don’t worry you still can use it even in a hurry.

The pump bottle is contain 75 ml concentrate. It cost IDR 725.000. Sound pricey right? But i though it will last forever since i just need a little for my face. LOL..

I felt the difference in my skin after using it for maybe 3-4 weeks. My pores looks smooth. I will not say the pores disappear all but it get better. And i feel my skin more hydrated and glowy.. Love my skin.. 🙂

So what can i say now? I just can continue using this product fooor forever maybe.. Hehehe…

But i have a message to mr. bones “Hello mr. bones could you send this product to me frequently?” *give a sweet smile*



Me vs Honey (real honey not my hubby ^_^)

honey (pic taken fr:sandrunpharmacy.com)

honey (pic taken fr:sandrunpharmacy.com)

Who didn’t love honey?? I’m sure a lot of people love use honey in their daily lives. And they know it effective. Personally, i love drink honey. Sometimes i brew honey with water or as my juice sweetener. And i drink it EVERYDAY just to make sure i have supplement to stay healthy.

Another uses of honey is for skin care. It is a natural moisturizer for dry skin. That’s why many women love to insert honey in their beauty regime. Sadly, when i said many women, I’m not the one that include. Everytime i try to apply honey, my skin becomes itchy and red.

When i was in high school, i went to natural beauty spa to having facial treatment. The beautician used honey as face cleanser. And the time i thought it would be okay, cause i didn’t feel wanna scratch my face. But after that, instead having a clean face skin (after facial) my face became swollen and red!!! You know, like somebody trying to burn my face. Oh my God.. I immediately stop using honey.

Last night (now i’m lil bit more confident with my skin condition) i made natural diy pack from coffe and honey. Once again, after 3 minutes apply, my face went itchy and after 8 minutes i decided to rinse my face. Oh my God!!! The problem still left.

Then i started to confused. I tried to find any information about honey-allergic for skin, but failed. It looks nobody never ever feel my condition. I mean, i can wear any brand of cosmetic. Anything, whether it cheap or expensive product i will never meet any trouble. But why the enemy of my skin is HONEY.
why me? Why? When everybody can happily put honey mask on their face, i will find it just a tragedy.

Does anyone here ever had a honey-allergic like me? Please share.