My Decoupage Workshop

When I opened my album photo. I found those pictures from my decoupage workshop..

As uncreative person, I would like to learn how to improve my skill and talents. And I would love to join handcrafting workshops which held many times in Surabaya. But usually I faced with how high the price to join those events. So when my friend who is a founder of women blitz, Mb Lilies offering me to joint her decoupage workshop just for IDR 75K,I rejoiced!

Hehehe Decoupage is kind of art which of decorating an object by gluing colored paper cutouts onto it in combination with special paint effects, gold leaf and other decorative elements. Commonly an object like a small box or an item of furniture is covered by cutouts from magazines or from purpose-manufactured papers. Each layer is sealed with varnishes (often multiple coats) until the “stuck on” appearance disappears and the result looks like painting or inlay work. The traditional technique used 30 to 40 layers of varnish which were then sanded to a polished finish. (source: wikipedia)

And now decorate your home or give your friends with Decoupage goodies is a trend. If you decided to buy it, you must spend more than 300K just from the small goods like pencil case. Later many Decoupage artisan held a workshop so other people can also learn to make it by themselves. Usually you should pay more than 400K to join the workshop. What a price!!

I joint the workshop with one of my co-worker. Held in one hotel in Surabaya, I don’t know that the workshop was so much fun. Though then revealed I was the one who didn’t have any experience in this field. LOL

So, you can guess that I was the one who always bothering the instructor.. And no doubt that, finally my creation have been made with many “oops”, “oh my God”, “sorry”, “oh”, etc #notthatImsorry

In the end I feel glad to joint this event. I get a new skill and friends. But I don’t think I will do this diy decoupage again. Just because I’m not patient enough to do that. Hahaha..

Here’s the compilation of my impatiently skill.. ^_^

Decoupage 1

Decoupage 2

Decoupage 3

Decoupage 4

Enjoy the pics..




“Sing Your Mind” Fabric Covered Notebook

FCN - SYMHi! Hi!

I will introduce you to my latest creation #eaaa..

Cute isn’t? *wink* I always know that i’m not the talented person in handy-creation even i have many ideas in my mind! So, lil bit surprise if i could finished this one. Hahahaha…

But sometimes i want to make my idea born to real. So, once i saw the flowery denim like fabric in textile-shop, i imagined to have a notebook that covered with that fabric. It would be pretty nice if i have something pretty to write on (Yes, i still prefer write to type even i carry my smartphone everywhere).

As i said, cause my inexperience, actually i feel unconfident. So, before i decided to buy the fabric i did “google-ing” to show me “how to make fabric covered notebook tutorial”. Heee..
Yes, several weeks later i bought it!! Yay.. yay..

Here’s my version of Fabric Covered Notebook Tutorial:

FCN - ToolsWhat you need:
Duplex cover paper
Denim-like fabric
A4 Concorde Paper (60sheets)
UHU glue for fabric
Alphabet Sticker

How to:
1. Prepare yourself *wink
2. Cut Concorde paper in half or become A5 size. Do it for all the sheets. In the end you will get 120 sheets.
FCN - Concorde3. Cut duplex paper to lil bit bigger than A5 size (maybe 1 – 2cm).
4. Cut the fabric too.. with the measurement (of course) bigger than duplex paper. Add like 3-5cm per side.
FCN - Cutting5. Spread the glue on the edge of fabric then carefully press the white fabric on duplex paper to cover it all. Repeat with the other duplex. Let it dry.
FCN - Covered glue6. See there is the rest of the duplex that is not covered with fabric. Nah, cover it with A5 size Concorde Paper.
FCN - Inside Backside7. Arrange the notebook: duplex – concorde (120sheets) – duplex.
8. Bring them to printing shop (superstar) to get Wire-O binding.
FCN - Wiro binding9. Cut another concorde to frame shape. Put the sticker on it. I put “SING YOUR MIND” like my blog’s name.

FCN - TitleVoila.. A vintage look notebook is done! Another inside of notebook…

FCN - Inside Look



(DIY) 2015 Personal Calendar

Hola!! (lagi seneng pake bahasa spanyol gara-gara Marc Marquez.. LOL)

Finally my DIY 2015 Calendar is done!! Yeah, i decided i want to make my very own personal calendar. I will show it on my office table since my work related to date. The design made with my limited Corel Draw skill (Ha!) and each month has each theme to make it so special (apa siih). Let’s take a look..

Januari 15January
>> Infinite theme.. Actually my favourite K-boyband are Beast, Big Bang, JYJ and Infinite.. But Infinite has 7 members so i thought “it’s a must” to put them on calendar since we have 7 days a week πŸ™‚

February 15February
>> Love theme??? LOL

Maret 15March
>> All of my peers who born in March are Pisces which symbol is fish, so i made it in sea and pirates theme..

April 15April
>> I just can’t think this month theme.. Actually April is the last design i made. And somehow i made it in wood theme but in the end i decided to dislike it.

Mei 15May
>> My sis in law born in May. She loves teddy bear. Enough said *wink*

Juni 15June
>> I can’t decided what June theme.. But my daddy & hubby were born in June, literally they are Gemini and both dislike colorful things. Hahaha… That’s way i put so many colors there..

July 15July
>> As a muslim, i celebrate Hari Raya Idul Fitri.Β  In 2015 it will celebrated in July. Aaand a week before is my birthday *wink*. I would like to create something to show how grateful i am to God. Glory to Allah

Agustus 15Agustus
>> It’s a month which my country celebrate the independence day. So it approriate to put national flag on it.

September 15September
>> I put many efforts to searched number pictorials. Hehehe… But love it

Oktober 15October
>> My favourite design. Looks so fresh.

Nopember 15November
>> My MOST favourite. I love star. I love colorful things.

Desember 15December
>> Snowy theme and i add tosca for the background. Is it beautiful?

Then i sent my design to “Superstar” a printing vendor which located in Gresik. They offered calendar making packet as IDR 65.000 include printing, paper, standing paper (since it a table calendar) and wiro binding. Actually i want to make standing paper by my own, but the laziness attacked my mood so i just received their offer without argument. Hehehe…

Here’s the finished looks..

Calendar AllDefinitely has flaws, like i forgot to mark my wedding anniversary and my FIL’s birthday (LOL LOL). I also (carelessly) forgot to explain the holiday dates in October.. Hehehe. After all i’m proud with the result. It means i have the creativity soul inside *minta dikeplak*



(DIY) Siluet Theme Congratulation Wedding Card

WD Siluet Card 5Belakangan ini saya menemukan kegiatan baru, yaitu card making. Ini adalah hasil pengeksplorasian saya terhadap diri sendiri #eaaaa. Pertanyaan “saya ini bisanya apa sih?” sering banget mampir kalau saya lagi bengong. Lagipula saya juga sering bingung kalau ditanya orang hobi saya apa.Β  Biasanya sih saya jawab tekdung alias tidur. Berakhir dengan si penanya cuma nyengir denger jawaban saya (pasti batinnya, ni orang males banget sih…).LOL

Setelah mencari dan mencari, bertapa dan ngeliat orang sekeliling, saya pikir card making ini menarik juga. Bukannya hobi lain tidak menarik. Dibilang suka memasak, ada benernya.. tapi malesnya itu.. *minta dikeplak*

Trus kapan hari karena punya mesin jahit baru, Mama guweh nyuruh saya belajar njait. Hasilnya, failed. Buat saya kegiatan menjahit itu membosankan. Hahahahaha…

But you know, i always like to make card. Kalau ada teman kawin atau melahirkan, saya pasti merelakan diri membuat kartu ucapan, biasanya sih pake corel draw. Yes, kartu buatan saya jauh dari kata desainnya bagus, imajinatif dll. But at least saya ikhlas dan seneng waktu bikin ^_^ So, kenapa nggak difokusin? Kebetulan saya punya banyak waktu luang. Daripada dibuat ngelantur gak jelas (kayak kapan saya bisa jadi real noona-nya BEAST’s Doojoon atau Infinite’s L) ya kan???? So lah….

Kali ini saya bikin kartu untuk teman kantor dengan tema foto siluet. Secara di undangan desye ada fotonya dia dan calon istri (sekarang istri yaa) yang dari samping. Bagi saya itu pose yang puerfek untuk dibuat siluet.

What to prepare:
Kertas Manila warna hitam
Kertas Concorde ukuran A5 (A4 yang dipotong jadi 2)
Bunga hiasan
Pensil Warna

How to make it:
1. Karena saya nggak bisa nggambar, fotonya teman yang diundangan saya fotokopi trus dipotong sesuai siluet orangnya.
2. Jiplak gambar tersebut di kertas manila warna hitam. Potong.
3. Lipat kertas concorde jadi 2.
4. Tempel gambar di bagian depan kartu. Hias dengan bunga-bunga.
5. Untuk inside cardnya, saya cuma “mewarnai” kertas pake pensil warna-warni trus ditulisi “Happy Wedding”. Done


WD Siluet Card 2

WD Siluet CardWD Siluet Card 4WD Siluet Card 3Untuk pemula, saya pikir sih proses ini nggak terlalu sulit. Malah nagih. Hahaha.. Lebih senang lagi kalau yang dikasih kartu suka.

Dan dengan sedikit menahan malu, saya nanya ke teman saya itu apa dia suka sama kartunya? Dia bilang suka! *joget-joget* Bahkan kata istrinya kartu itu nggak boleh dibuang *idung mulai kembang kempis*.. LOL

Next, try to make another card. Fighting!!!!



(DIY) Our First Marriage Anniversary Scrapbook Album

When my marriage with Koko reached first anniversary, i want to make scrapbook to commemorate that.

Tapi terus bingung.. I’m not that creative enough to produce a simple but beautiful scrapbook for us!! Dan juga karena saya mau bikin tema perjalanan kisah cinta kami #eaaaa,, ostomatis foto-foto yang terlibat juga banyak.. Bikin pusing milihnya *rolling eyes*

After visited abeautifulmess website, i thought that rather than i make just one scrapbook i would turn it to album. Hahaha!! greedy one.

What to prepare:
1. Insert binder plastic merek Bantex ukuran A4 full dan A4 yang kotaknya 3×3 (beli di paperclip PTC)
2. Binder plastic (punya saya merek Bambi warna biru muda)
3. Kertas foto
4. Printer foto
5. Tiket bioskop or something that memorable
6. Printilan (pita-pita, kancing, kertas lipat)
7. Lem kertas
8. Gunting
9. Ballpoint warna warni
10. File fotonya dong ^_^

How to do it:
1. Pilih-pilih foto mana yang mau dimasukkan ke album.
2. Make a design of page. Karena ini buku, nggak mungkin kan lembaran scrapbook nya cuma satu.. Jadi bikin desain halaman dulu. Kalau saya kan temanya tentang perjalanan hubungan saya dan suami dari mulai pacaran sampai menikah. Untuk bagian pacaran karena fotonya lebih dari 3, saya susun di insert binder yang 3×3..
3. Mulailah berkreasi.


the cover!!!!

the cover!!!!



Page 2 - Introducing Character.. LOL

Page 2 – Introducing Character.. LOL

Page 3 - Dating times

Page 3 – Dating times

Page 4: Engagement & Movie Dating :)

Page 4: Engagement & Movie Dating πŸ™‚

Page 5: Marriage pages

Page 5: Marriage pages

Page 6: Another Marriage pict and quotes

Page 6: Another Marriage pict and quotes

Page 7: Marriage Life

Page 7: Marriage Life

Until next time

Until next time

It very simple one… But. Setelah menyelesaikan album ini, saya jadi kepikiran bikin scrapbook yang lain. Hehehe.. Give me luck!



Wrapping Gift Idea

Saya itu bukan termasuk orang yang kreatif. Bahkan, saya baru belajar membungkus kado ketika kerja. Itupun mesti nyontoh dari buku “Cara Membungkus Kado Unik”LOL..

Tapi, karena saya termasuk orang yang kakean gaya (kebanyakan gaya), sayapun mulai bosan membungkus pakai kertas kado biasa. Pas kemarin di Gramedia, saya nemuin kertas coklat samson. Muncullah ide membungkus kado dengan kertas samson, ntar dikasih gambar-gambar lucu.. Harganya pun cukup murah, 1 gulung itu dibandrol Rp. 2.900 dan bisa dipakai membungkus 4 kado.. Gambarnya diambil dari google trus dicetak pakai kertas A4 90gr dan ditempel pakai double tip.

Voila… Hemat tapi tetep gaya *minta dikeplak*


Hasilnya… Jreeeeng….. (Oops!! yang satu lupa kepoto)




Selamat membungkus,,