BEENEFIT Lip Balm Review

Lip balm is belong to “must have and must bring” skincare item for me since my lips easily dry and chapped. I can go without lipstick or face powder. But left my lip balm at home is BIG NO NO…

So that’s why i always starving for good lip balm. I’m tired giving a chance to drugstore brand cause although easy to find but easy to make my lips drying. So i expand my journey to the natural one which i hope can healing my lips.

First one i try is Gulaco which is good. My lips become moist and it can lighten dark lips. Double Yay!!

So (maybe) you’d though i finally found my lip mate. But wrong.. Hehehe..
The bunch of natural made skincare product artisan in Instagram World still tempt me to try another one.

After a long hunt, i land my lips on BEENEFIT. Why? Because it has lemongrass flavor variant. Woohoo…

–Did i ever tell you how much i love tropical plants smell??–

So here is it

1442664454523Beenefit from Shirley’s Natural

Shirley’s Natural is a natural based skincare products owned by Shirley Halim and established in 2015. She has 2 best seller products, lip balm (Beenefit) & skin balm (ultra). But i’m more into her lip product. Heee…

Here’s the details.

Price: 50K


1444122851802By read it you will know why the product is fabulous for your lips. Shirley use various vegetable oils and butters which are known to be a good moisturizer and can heal chapped lips.
























the expired date

the expired date

It very easy to use. You only need one sweep on both your lips, you will moisture enough (i used to swept Gulaco twice or thrice to got the same result). It stay longer too.. So i thought it will running for soo long #notthatimcomplaint. Another bright side: BEENEFIT also contuining gulaco’s work for lighten my dark lips. Yay.. Yay.. Getting a healthy lips is so easy. LOL

With many benefit from this Beenefit i think you should try one for the miraculous effect.

You can find further information on:
WEBSITE: shirleysnatural
Instagram: shirleysnatural

Oh i forget to add the negative effect. Should i tell?

Well, it just my hubby hate to kiss me if i wear BEENEFIT because my lips become to oily to handle. Hahaha.. Sawry baby *ala Cheon Song Yi*