Chark by Blustone Avenue

Chark Foto

ATTENTION!!! you will find rather disgusting images.

the big neez beauty review is back!

And now i won’t talk about skin or body care regime. It’s about teeth!!!! *big smile*

FYI, i have some problems regarding my oral health:
> sometimes bad breathe (my gastric acid is something)
> tartar
> yellowish teeth

I can resolve the first problem by choosing my food carefully. I can’t eat something that can cause my gastric acid level higher. Case closed.

But for the last two, it looks like i can’t do nothing. I already try various different tooth pastes, but failed. I don’t wanna go to dentist just to whitening my teeth, it cost a lots. Heeeee…

One day, when scrolling around my IG (again!!!) i found an interesting product, CHARK from Blustone Avenue.

New Improved Formula. Organic teeth whitening and detoxify organic mouth area. Safe to use for all ages, pregnant women and breastfeeding women.

They also claim their products 100% organic, has FDA license…

Oh well, i tempted. So of course i bought it đŸ™‚

Here’s the looks..
Chark Texture

Chark Backstory
1. Activated Charcoal
2. Bentonite Clay
3. Himalayan Sea Salt
4. Organic French Clay
5. Lemongrass Extract

Price: IDR 75K

Nett: 50 gr black powdery in plastic jar

1. Whiten teeth naturally
2. Prevent teeth plaque / tartar
3. Remove teeth plaque/tartar
4. Cure bad breath
5. Eliminate mouth ulcer
6. Clean your teeth thoroughly
7. Prevent gingivitis
8. Acts like mouth-area anti bacterial

How to use:
1. Grab a toothbrush
2. Dip into the water until bristles wet
3. Dab the brush into Chark powder
4. Brush teeth for 1-2 minutes
5. Rinse until clean

StepbyStep Chark

*Use at least 3-4 times a week for best results*

My impression:
At first time i applied Chark, i felt weird! Cause you know, POWDER.. It is an unconventional way (in my life) to clean my teeth. I’m afraid i end up swallow the powder. Hahahaha… But i’m not too worry since i thought the ingredients are food grade, CMIIW..
After 2 weeks, i found the good result. My teeth whiter and my plaque?? Where are you going guys? Hehehe…

BA Chark
See the difference? So you can say, I’m impressed!!
You should try it too…