homemade_kefir for skin detox

Hello friday!!

Today i will give you a review about my recent skincare regime. It looks like i change my regime for every month. Hohoho… #notthatimcomplain #myhubbydoes

For February and recently i dare myself to try KEFIR for detoxifying reason.

Yes, kefir is everywhere now in Instagram world. You can drink it or put on your face as skincare regime. What? Yes, cause kefir known has many benefits. Even you can found kefir in Al-Quran (76: 5-6). But what kefir is?
Here’s the information that i found in wikipedia:
Kefir, keefir, or kephir (/k?’fir/ k?-FEER),[1][2] alternatively milk kefir, or búlgaros, is a fermented milk drink made with kefir “grains” (a yeast/bacterial fermentation starter) and has its origins in the north Caucasus Mountains.[3] It is prepared by inoculating cow, goat, or sheep milk with kefir grains.[4] Traditional kefir was made in skin bags that were hung near a doorway; the bag would be knocked by anyone passing through the doorway to help keep the milk and kefir grains well mixed.

Naturally, i should stay away from kefir (cause you know, animal milk..) But since i develop hemorrhoid symptom, i started drink yogurts which a pretty help during the healing time. And just because kefir is yogurt like but more in higher level, maybe i should give it try. Not to drink it (i’m afraid the taste is unbearable. Heeee…), but to put on my skin cause the benefit for your skin. It said kefir can ditch all chemical thingy from  you skin. You named it hydroquinon, mercury etc.

Yes, i give it try and started to look many kefir products. From instagram (where else..), i found homemade_kefir, a mother who sell many kefir products especially skin and body care. And she reside in Surabaya (cheaper delivery cost, anyone?). Hurray!!!

She offered 2 package skincare regime which consist: kefir mask, toner, cleanser, cream, facial foam. The difference lay on the mask, one with blueblack varian the other is pure etawa kefir mask.

I choose the pure one since it cheapest. Bwuahaha… I also skipped facial foam cause simply i don’t need it. But i added V-Spray because it claimed can help to cure hemorrhoid.


So.. Let’s check my review!

1. Cleansing milk
>> It has lime scent and creamy texture. A good cleanser which help you to throw away the dirt. But you should know, usually i don’t put a ton makeup. So, i don’t know if this milk could be a makeup remover too. Use it twice a day: morning and night before sleep.
2. Toner
>> My most favorite product. It watery like. So give a refresh and bright feel to your skin. Apply after you cleanse your skin.
3. Pure etawa mask
>> it claimed can:
1) Detoxify your skin from chemical ingredients that live long under your skin surfaces
2) Reduce acnes and dark spots and fungi (wait, fungi in my face ?? Yieks)
3) Reduce fine lines and shrink pores
4) Maintain your skin’s natural moisture
5) Smoothing and brightening your skin (Well, it does. Hehehe..)

>> For the first 30 days of detox program i should regularly apply mask EVERY DAY. But sometimes i skipped. Heee.. For some time, when the mask still on my face i can feel “nrecep-nrecep” oh my, i can’t find a similar word in English, maybe sting effect. You know, like an ant bite your skin. Not in dangerous way. Really. The Homemade_kefir owner said it detox effect. So, never mind. Usually i feel it on my chin and cheeks. Can’t complain tough cause i can feel the good things. My blackheads vanish! And give the brightness vibe instantly!
4. Kefir cream 3pc
>> made from kefir and coconut oil and others. The only one product that show the ingredients. Hehehe.. It has a creamy texture and lime scent too like the cleansing milk. But the milky scent is smell strong too which is…. *sigh* The coconut oil add protections against UV.

5. V-spray
>> Has watery like texture too like the toner but with different (and odd) smell. Hee.. Never mind, it help to lessen my hemorrhoid symptoms. Alhamdulillah.


What I like : It definitely give everything as promises. My skin slowly become smooth and moist and I realized that my smile lines doesn’t looks firm as usual.I just hope that the fungis will also gone away too (since i can’t see it.. Hehehe).

What I dislike:
It should keep in refrigerator *sigh* For a lazy girl like me it’s too tiring..
Doesn’t show the ingredients. I mean, since it good products, I should know which ingredient that change my skin so much. Or maybe it’s simply kefir that work amazingly.
The smell!! How many times I told you that I hate milky smell. But since I determined to try Homemade_kefir, I should bear it. Hehehe..

Re-purchase : not now.. I still traumatized with the smell. I should prepare my mentality more. Hehehe.

So, if you never find a problem with milky products. You should try!

Happy friday,



The Big Neez on February


Can believe we already reach March!

And then realized that I didn’t post anything on February!! What a.. I
also seldom post something on instagram which is strange. Hahaha.

Here’s quick update what happened in my February life (if you’re interest :))

1. Struggling with office work more than usual.

2. Struggling with neez cause, we started to join bazaars to introduce our brand to public. So we prepare many things like abayas, khimar, brooches, name cards and many pretty goodies to decor our booth. Hehehe.. Also, I was thinking about a neez special design to differentiate ours with other brands. I’m lil bit exhausted mentally and financially.. LOL


3. Just because I need to entertain myself.. I started watching a drama again! I choose Korean drama, Descendant of The Sun. Being a stalker of Song Joong Ki since running man and always be Song Hye Kyo’s beauty fans, so it a must. Hehehe.. So far, it doesn’t dissapoint me. And i’m planning to watch Come Back Ajusshi too and Goodbye Mr. Black (Hello, Jin Wook Oppa and Chae Won-ie!!)


4. Said goodbye to our song Triplets in TV but welcoming them on instagram! Thank you Song Appa for made an account and send us your sons picts. Because i definitely will miss their antics on tv..

5. Detoxifying my face with homemade_kefir products. Well kefir is known can remove toxin and chemicals from skin, soften the skin and has brightening effect! Hehehe.. Will make a proper review after this.


6. Started diligently consume lemon water + honey in the morning and fruits as breakfast. I cheat sometimes but I feel good. I have tried to skipped for several days, and i taught i got a cold T_T

So, in the end.. Healthy life looks like match with me.. Do you agree?