Keyra Natural Pomegranate Goat Soap

Hello.. Hello..

As I promised, I want to share my point of view about this product. It comes from Keyra Natural which naturally can be found in Instagram 🙂

Keyra provides several products: goat milk soap bar, kefir mask and essential oils. I more interested in soap bar since now it my biggest natural life expense. Hahaha..

The goat milk soap bar has 3 variant: unscented, pomegranate & lemongrass. Lemongrass seem tempted but pome’s benefit make me want to try it more.

Main ingredients: goat milk & pomegranate. Goat milk known good for skin, since the benefits are:

> Natural Alpha Hydroxide Acids (AHA) such as lactic acid which help remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate the skin.
> Vitamins. Goat’s milk contains many vitamins, particularly high in vitamin A which repair damaged skin tissues and maintain healthy skin.
> Minerals. Goat’s milk contains important minerals for the skin such as selenium. Selenium prevent skin damaged by sun exposure.
> Soothes skin irritations (eczema, psoriasis, acne)
> Goat’s milk moisturize the skin.

So although I avoid drink animal’s milk but I don’t mind to use it as external use.. (what a contradiction 🙂 )

On the other side Pomegranate (Punica Granatum) rich in antioxidant so it can prevent damage cause due to free radicals; skin cell regeneration; anti aging and moisturizes the skin with micro nutrients.
(source: here)

With a good combination of the ingredients, I thought it is a great product although maybe too pricey for some people (IDR 50K).

When I decide to bought it directly from Keyra, the admin informed me that there were 5% discount in Luvunatural website. Hahaha.. How good she/he was..

Finally I bought it at Luvunatural where you will not only find Keyra products there cause Luvunatural is website that sell many interesting natural products. I could hear the devilish shopper side in my mind asked me to took another goods. Hehehe, but since I don’t have a spare money left I chose to ignored it..

Voila,, here is it.




I personally like the packaging. Looks sturdy..


The ingredients all list on the back side of packaging.


I use it as my daily sudsy facial cleanser.. Cause i still can’t stand using oil as my only cleanser. Here’s the application:

I put my kryolan and eye shadows. Then rub the soap on my hand. And voila, gone away! (sorry for the bad quality pics..)
My impression:
> has a good cleansing skill..
> you can use it as facial and body soap (double strike!).
> since it contain Goat milk my skin feel moist after washing.
> it also help your skin lil brighter.
> but I hate the after shower smell. Since I hate milky smell (so it just my preference)
> be careful not to get in your eyes cause it hurt so bad. If it happens  just rinse it with more water.

Just because i’m lil bit stingy. LOL.. I cut bar into lil pieces so it can life longer.. Hahaha…

Overall, i recommend this product for you guys (if you are not a vegan yes..). And if you buy this goat milk it means you also support local farmers. So go buy and try on:

Keyra Natural